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2006 SummerFest

Lakefield Airport  - Celina, Ohio  - August 25-27

Custom made ugly stick: Mark, Whipple and John

Around the campfire w/ Dee Jackson

Niles - Scott Risi- John Schulte

Steve with the Hat

Bus to Allen County

Scott & Sheryl Risi

Dabe Carmon & All Grove

Mike & Joann McBride


Spence and John

Bill & Carl Robbins w/polite daughter

Sam Mingle, Bill & Connie

Mo & Sam Mingle

Anna and Jose with Bat Dance

Miechelle and Skip - self portrait

Steve S. with the boyz


Stage Walk-thru

Meet & Greet

William "Bill" Terry

Dave and Mark

Cowboy Troy

Big Kenny w/ Spence's hat

Jim and John

Roy Scott and Ray Mangus

Roy and Jessica Scott

Jim and Dave

Sharon: Cops Gone Wild

2 Foot Fred, Shawn and Steve

Guard assembles at night

Mark Mitchisan Mitchell

5 minutes, standby


the lonely man

Niles drops in again

Niles and Bob Ceckitti

Niles, John, Roy and Ray

Niles and Roy

Niles and Guard

John, Niles and Roy's folks.

Niles and Mark

Bob, Roy and Skip

The Three what??

Kenny and Troy

Chapter 17 scores again

Cowboy Troy w/ Risi and Ceckitti

Jim, Kenny and Bob

Kenny promises to pay Scott back

Whipple, Niles, Jose and Mo

Ray Mangus and Big Kenny

Big Kenny with Spence's hat

Scott, Kenny, Jim with Spence's hat

"Big Kenny's head is too big"

Skip trying to record the moment

Shoot'n the Sh** w/Big Kenny

Dress rehearsal

Ray and Roy

Sgt Scott

Sgt Scott w/General Scott

Enter stage right: Chapter 17 color guard

Pledge of Allegiance


Backstage: Niles on left

Skip & Niles on end

Cowboy Troy and Miechelle


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