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166th Transportation Detachment

In Pleiku

Cowboys Patch

166th worked with 335th Cowboys

Bien Hoa Maint. Area

More Bien Hoa Maint. Area

Bien Hoa: New showers

After a hard day of work - TV time

Battle Damage - 1967

Bunker in Pleiku

Bien Hoa '67: Adding a Porch

1966: Bring it back home

James Keegen, John Kovacs and Darrel Kirkman

John Kovacks - 1967-67

John Kovacks and SP4 Evans

John Kovacks outside tent

1967: Party Time

SP4 Evans w/OH-13S

The Command Ship

Homemade TV Antenna at Bien Hoa

John Kovacs 1966

Kovacs and friend getting one ready

Kovacs & Friend Sand Bag Detail

Kovacs "Doing a Run Up"

Kovacs Loading up to go

'67 Local Montagnards

1967 - Mohawk

1967 - O'Brien partying or parting?

1967 - UH1D On the way.

1966 - Pad shot at Bien Hoa

1966- Replacing a 6 cylinder Lycoming

1966 - Engine change at Bien Hoa

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