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17th Cav

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OK guys , where is my armor? D zone 1966, sent in by Ron Thomas

Spencer Tending

UH1D cockpit

17th Cav riding with the Skull and 2/503

More 2nd platoon - (65/66) Cruse

Bennie and Sgt Mac - (65/66) Cruse

Bennie in the Nasm - (65/66) Cruse

More John Cruse- 65/66

65/66 John Cruse

2nf Platoon (65/66) Cruse

E'17 Area - (65/66) Cruse

Duce and a half (65/66) Cruse

65/66 John Cruse

Truck Wash? (65/66) Cruse

E/17 Area - 65/66 from John Cruse

E66 and the PSP pile- 65/66 from John Cruse

SP4 McCauley - 65/66 from John Cruse

65/66 - John Cruse

Truck Wash - 65/66 from John Cruse

Maj. Sutton in his famous specs. Operation Junction City. (3/67)

E Troop moving out from base camp Bien Hoa 66'

Big Sgt Wright during Junction City - 2/67

SP4 George in the door & Sgt Simmons reading map - Juncton City 2/67

Spec4 Jim Leroy Haynes

This your space, send photos or scans with info!!!

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