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Moved from Dak To to Tuy Hoa. Every one just made poncho hooches to get out of the sun on that sand. Across the valley on top of the mountian in the center of the pic, you'll see what looks like a large rock sticking up on the topů.we use to call that "Magilla Gorilla". Thru binos, it looked like a gorilla sitting on the mountian top.

Chalkis dubbed this pic "The spoils of war", I just cried and wet my pants taking this picture. 2nd Batt on Cocoa Beach

An Lao Valley - Cen. Highlands

Bales & Hypes Bong Son

Bales, Recon Sgt, 3/319

Blakesy, 4.2 FO A/2/503

Capt Mannchreck, Hypes & Parrot

C0. E Jeep

Danny Zimmerman - Hype's RTO

D Co Com. Capt Mannchreck

Hamilton, 4.2 FO B/2/503

Hill 715- D Co departing

Hypes-LZ English North

Jerry Hypes in boonies

Local Girl

LZ English - Jerry Hypes

LZ English - 68

Mac & Hypes - Bong Son '68

Orderly Room 75th Rangers

Recon Team Member

SSG Ponder - D Co

Vietnameseville - Jerry Hypes

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