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3/319TH Artillery

Batteries A, B, C, D


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B & D Btry Zippos

102's on the move ....again.

Anyone know this guy?

New D Btry: Fastest gun in the east.

Merry Stink'n Xmas or "We got your Ho"

SP-4 Schott in B Btry FDC

Hernadez, cleaning the Gun-B Btry '67



Looking through the Chinook floor hatch to see if its still there.

B Btry heading out '67, Lt Tragemann

B-Btry Fire mission '67

Losing it....and I don't mean the war!

Don Burgess and Skip...somewhere.

C130 cockpit into DakTo

Morning rain commute

Donuts on the hook, slinging the load

B Btry arrives at new FSB '67

VC coming in for a rest and dinner.

DePriest and Skip do advance party.

Flame thrower check-outs

Skip getting the Flame Throwers ready for the hill

Bamboo City

You had to get past here to come in.

Skip & Redd, Charge 2, low angle.

"No, we didn't get sprayed w/ Agent Orange, that was mosquito repellant."

Incoming in the hills of Tuy Hoa

Walk'n them in.

Another kind of Soul brothers

Stars and Stripes obit for McCord and Burgess - DakTo 13DEC67

First visit with McCord since 67, Lockridge too.

Connelley, McCord, Cantell(?), Dorn

Naughton & Skip ready to hop with advance party.

Arriving Gun section at new FSB

"Pop yellow smoke!", Skip and Olive

Inventor of the "Door"

Mike Naughton coming home from the grocery store

Naughton contemplating why he is here

Clyde M Redd, B-more City

Getting the dogs ready for a walk.

Accuracy in the monsoon mud

The only time we ever filled sand bag with actual sand.

Our one day at the Tuy Hoa Beach

Willie Peter

Jungle nap in the orchids by FDC

A real bath. We didn't feel well after it.

First day of new D Btry: Skip, Thornton & Redd at DakTo airstrip.


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