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Jo-Jo Gun Chalkis on the beach with Skip(Camerman) 1967

Joe Chalkis with Skip (319th) on the beach 2003

Chalkis dubbed this pic "The spoils of war", I just cried and wet my pants taking this picture. 2nd Bat on Cocoa Beach 02

(L-R)Sgt ?, Don L. Michael (CMH winner, KIA 4/67)and Jim Shepherd - 1967

Left: James Worrell, KIA 21 Nov.'67 Hill 875

Center: unknown

Right: Arnie Palmer

Left: Mike Atwell

Center: Jerry 'Rocky' Stone

Right: James Worrell

Stopover on the way to Nam- Hawaii

1st Platoon B/4/503 taken after the Battle of Hill 875, 1967, once replacements were in the unit. Only 6 of the men pictured in this photo survived Hill 875.

Al Undiemi (3rd frm lft-standing), Jerry 'Rocky' Stone (5th frm lft-standing), Mike Atwell (7th frm lft-standing), Garth (2nd frm lft-kneeling), LT. Larry Moore (3rd frm lft-kneeling), Doug Wayne (7th frm rt-standing far background).

These 6 men are the only ones left from the original platoon after Hill 875.

Photo: Jerry 'Rocky' Stone