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                result of failing memories. Let's face it, it is getting harder to remember where we left things. There is no such thing as a donation that is too small. Any amount is appreciated.

Mail donation checks to:  Midwest Chapter 17, P.O. Box 24852, COLUMBUS, OHIO 43224



The Midwest Chapter 17

2019 Wall of Honor

"Dedicated to thanking those who have given generously to help keep our Chapter projects going"


Tom Steckman        First for 2019 173
Tom Whittaker       100
Joseph/Rene Gray 100
Jim Haynes 5
Ron Lowrie 30
James Schaffer 5
Craig Stewart 5
Michael Flynn 80
Bruce Grueschow 5
Jeff Terry 30
John Kyne 20
Clifton Timbrook 20
Mark & Linda 30
Mark & LInda Gullo 480
Richard Whipple 10
William Palmer 100
Lewis Newman 10
Sarah Holland 30
John Billman 30
Bob & Sharon Ceckitti 100
Thomas Steckman 50





          CLICK ON THIS Movie LINK:         

  RVN 1967-68 Movie


                                       This is a 70 minute homemade movie of us in DakTo, Pleiku, Tuy Hoa and a bunch other places in the Central Highlands during 67-68.






Herd members, here’s a little information on where things stand concerning next year’s Dayton reunion:
1) Registration forms already made up. Subject to slight changes if need be. Kimberly Hubbard made up a beautiful background to go with it.
2) Chapter paid $500 deposit to reserve three tour buses. Will know if we need more as registrations start to come in.
3) Thursday and Friday bus tours lined up. Working on golf outing site as there are a variety in the Dayton area.
4) Have double checked the outdoor grounds for Thursday evening barbecue. Live stage music will be in performance every night.
5) Crowne Plaza Hotel offering 200 rooms. Two additional overflow hotels will add perhaps 300 more rooms.
Other hotels and motels are in the area. Our three will offer free parking.
6) One of the overflows is about one mile from Crowne Plaza. Dayton has free downtown buses called Flyer.
It passes on its routes every fifteen minutes.
Will see if we can get the bus company to volunteer its service to the Reunion, having the bus to make a continuous
loop between the three hotels; picking up and dropping off.
Each hotel also have shuttles that can be used.
7) Hospitality and vendors will be combined under one room as it was at Fort Benning.. The Chapter will be looking for volunteers
to serve drinks in the hospitality room. Will later provide a time schedule that works best for the volunteer. If we do not fill this
slot then the hotel will do it all themselves and take all the profits. The Chapter will lose out and get nothing.
8) Table and chairs will be provided for the Vendors at a price. They pay for the table and chairs and keep the profits for whatever
they sell. If our Herd brothers would like to set up as a Vendor their cost for table and chairs are less.
Also, perhaps we can work a deal and give the table and chairs free to our Herd brother in exchange for him or her selling separately
the Chapter’s reunion t-shirts and challenge coins.
9) Wayne Bowser, President of the upcoming South Carolina Reunion, is offering to make up and sell to Chapter 17 reunion t-shirts.
He is offering them at $8.00 per shirt. We can sell them at $15.00
10) Three hundred Challenge Coins are made up. More will be forthcoming if need be. The darn thing is beautiful! Thank you John Schulte for the design.
11) Maps to the surrounding area containing restaurants and other sites will be in the welcoming bag. The Spaghetti Warehouse is just
a block away from the Crowne Plaza. The rustic Oregon district is three blocks away, having shops, restaurants and a Comedy Club for your enjoyment.
Take a late evening meal on that top floor of the Crowne Plaza. Its soft lights changes color.
12) The Convention Hall, directly across from the Crowne Plaza, made accessible by an overhead walkway, is in reserve for our Saturday night banquet.
Butch Marcum, our Vice-President, have potential guest speakers. Hopefully we can also get a retired four-star general to speak as well.
We are waiting word after his retirement this May or June. He is currently commanding all U.S. Forces in Europe.
13) Gold Star members and their meeting room is lined up as well as the room for the Ladies Lunch.
14) The Carillon Historical Park is not far away but the Chapter will be offering up a tour bus to take members there as a group.
Take in all the sites there, as well as an authentic Wright Brothers plane. Don’t forget the Brewery District on those same grounds.
They have an 1850’s receipt in drinks that will knock your socks off. It also contains an indoor/outdoor restaurant.
15) A baseball park and a picnic grounds with a waterfront is directly across the street of one of the overflow hotels.
16) Dayton is a little gem that most of us know nothing about until we get there and start investigating. With help from our members
here’s hoping for a fine Reunion. Will give more info as time goes by, and lets not forget the Wright Brothers bicycle shop.


Chapter 17 Annual Meeting


Gang, I was finally able to get in touch with DUANE WILCOX.  As a Chapter 17 member Duane has just become this year’s Keeper of the Flag.  Duane lives in Newark, Ohio and is a retired postal carrier of some 25 years.  Every year Duane has donated to the Chapter what he calls his ‘jump pay”.  He does this every three or four months and he invites all other members to once in a while give up their jump pay as donation to the Chapter. Last year he donated over $400. and as a result I thought it fitting that he should be the this year’s Keeper of the Flag. The flag of course flew at the command post of the 173d in Afghanistan and was presented to Chapter 17 (with a written plaque) by the 503d   The flag moves around each year to a  donating Chapter member.  Last year it was in Kentucky.

Duane served with Headquarters of the 319th in Viet Nam.  He served his tour from November of 1967 to November of 1968.  Since retiring from the postal service  he spends his time putting unbelievable  miles on his motorcycle He encourages the Herd members to donate one penny for every mile he put on the road.  This too he will give to the Chapter. He has a Dodge show tuck that has won numerous awards.  The enclosed pictures does not do it justice.  You have to see it with your own eyes.  The Chapter sends a sincere Airborne to Duane and wish him luck in all the other vehicle  shows.  Thank you Duane Wilcox, our Keeper of the Flag.   (We won’t hold it against him but Duane is a Penn State football fan.  You probably noticed the banner behind him in the picture.)






173d and Chapter 17, giving to the community.

Gang, yesterday myself, IKE MELLINGER and SKIP KNILEY took a journey over to the McDonald House Charities of Childrens Hospital. It has become an annual event to present to the McDonald House a donation of $1000. This is a reflection on the 173d and Chapter 17, giving to the community.

Of course in return the McDonald House has placed on one of its doors a plaque identifying Chapter 17 and the 173d. This is a great cause and it does the Chapter proud to take part in it. In the pictures sent separately are myself, Ike and Skip. The lovely ANDREA BIADE was again on hand to greet and to thank us. Of course that is Andrea standing between the ruffians.







2016 Wall Of Honor - $1,939.00


DICK PARSONS               First for 2016 100
TOM STECKMAN                     Largest Donor 279
Duane Wilcox                 220
Micheal Gullo 200
Mark Mitchell 100
Bill Palmer 100
Bruce/Pauline Grueshow      125
Jeff Terry 50
Craig Stewart 5
Jim Haynes 30
Terry Aubrey 5
Juanita Blackberry 5
Elaine Kinsman 30
Francis W. Diehl 5
Robert J. Fleming Jr 5
Michael J. Gullo 100
Lewis T. Newman 5
Roy F. Scott 5
William Terry 30
Bill Palmer 100
R.R.D./A.A.D. 10
John/Joyce Kyne 30
Ronald F. Lowrie 30
Mellinger family 
Clifton L. Timbrook  10 
Kenneth Green 5
Robert/Sharon Ceckitti 80
Joseph/Rene Gray 100
Duane Wilcox 110
Patrick Hilla 5
Michael/Linda Gullo 100
















Herd members, we held the drawing for the raffle winner at the home of Ike Mellinger in Logan, Ohio.  His wife LINDA reached into the bucket and drew out this year’s 

winner.  The $500. “Christmas Bonus” goes this year to DANNY DAY of Ashland, Kentucky.  This is the second year in a row that a member from Kentucky has won. 
We tried to get in touch with Danny to congratulate him but there was no answer.  Regardless, the winning check has been mailed off to him and we wish him a very
Merry Christmas.   Thanks again to everyone for participating.  (Will give a financial report in the upcoming days.)











                                                                                       2016 Raffle Results 


Name Date Ticket Donations Check
  Received Amount   Number
Craig Stewart 10-13-16 $20.00 $5.00 2297
Dean Logan  " $20.00   2606
Jeff Terry " $20.00   3842
Bruce Willy " $20.00   1462
James E. Lake " $20.00   2048
Jim Haynes " $20.00 $30.00 1,180
William L. Willoughby " $20.00   7152
James Coleman " $20.00   222
Richard E. Whipple " $20.00   8202
Dean Logan $20.00   2605
Terry Aubrey " $20.00 $5.00 6011
Sandra Emery " $20.00   1012
Bruce W. Grueschow $20.00   2691
Adalbert Sommer " $20.00   3477
Roger Hill " $20.00   9107
William G. Krampf " $20.00   4601
Juanita Blackberry " $20.00 5.00 10552
Robert Ream " $20.00   2038
James E. Satory " $20.00   3108
Brian/Saras Holland 10-14-16 $20.00   650
Albert Wollend " $20.00   3664
David J. Saginaw " $20.00   9824
Dennis D. Dungeon " $20.00   2076
Tommy Morgan " $20.00   2350
Elaine Kinsman " $20.00 $30.00 1636
Florine Cattleman 10-17-16 $20.00   9182
Francis W. Diehl " $20.00 $5.00 6103
Nathaniel Terry " $20.00   7811
Robert J. Fleming Jr " $20.00 $5.00 7984
Thomas J. Ticherich " $20.00   6704
James Schmidt " $20.00   1786
Joseph Evans " $20.00   8438
John Sullivan " $20.00   7484
Gary Plucinski " $20.00   1344
Joseph A. Diener " $20.00   1304
John E. Pacola " $20.00   508
Gerald P. Sopko " $20.00   539
Lewis T. Newman 10-18-16 $20.00 $5.00 2195
Dick Parsons " $20.00   1017
Jerry Spence " $20.00   M.O.
Michael Gullo 10-19-16 $20.00   7776
Corbett Fugate " $20.00   5576
Kenneth Lambertson " $20.00   5139
Deborah /Nelson Bishopo 10-20-16 $20.00   992
Lawrence Paladino " $20.00   3317
Mark/Linda Mitchell " $20.00   687
Walter Russell " $20.00   1881
John Skip Kniley 10-21-16 $20.00   1276
Ray Compton " $20.00   1960
Fredrick Long 10-22-16 $20.00   5263
Brenda S. Shepherd " $20.00   3549
Timothy W. Brooks 24-Oct-16 $20.00   2319
Roy F. Scott " $20.00 $5.00 2741
Daniel Starrs " $20.00   3331
James McAdams " $20.00   1160
William Terry " $20.00 $30.00 cash
Michael H. Matthews 10-25-16 $20.00 $5.00 347
Bill Palmer 10-26-16 $40.00 100.00 3317
Patricia/Harvey Hoornstra, Jr " $20.00   1397
R.R.D./A.A.D. " $20.00 $10.00 1862
Leo K. Bocko " $20.00   1062
Robert/Edna Saier " $20.00   819
John/Joyce Kyne " $20.00 $30.00 1892
Kenny Casrtleman 10-28-16 $20.00   cash
Dan Baker 10-31-16 $20.00   7728
Janet/Larry  Ramsey " $20.00   3908
John W. Pfannenstein " $20.00   2096
Betty/Charles Barnett " $20.00   2276
Ronald F. Lowrie " $20.00 $30.00 447
Anthony Rucci 11-3-16 $20.00   6403
Dewitt C. Wiley " $20.00   1098
Daniel Morelli " $20.00   1556
Jerome Marcum " $20.00   993
Leslie Daniels 11-4-16 $20.00   692
Travis Thompson " $20.00   2360
John Billman " $20.00   3325
Jerry Mellinger family " $20.00 $5.00 7199
Tommy Onto 11-10-16 $10.00   3388
Danny Day " $20.00   2907
Clifton L. Timbrook $20.00 $10.00 323
William Butler " $20.00   1074
Robert T. Johnes " $20.00   6205
James/Becky McClure 11-12-16 $20.00   1214
Kenneth Green 11-15-16 $20.00 $5.00 552
Clifford McDonell 11-16-16 $20.00   6409
Robert/Sharon Ceckitti 11-22-16 $20.00 $80.00 5458
Joseph/Rene Gray " $20.00 $100.00 50192
John P. Bragiel 11-26-16 $20.00   1036
Duane Wilcox 11-27-16 $20.00 $110.00 5044
Stuart W. Long " $20.00   1423
Wayne/Mary Stuart " $10.00   6783
Bobbie Simpson  " $15.00   3219
Thomas Bivens 12-2-16 $20.00   6569
Betty Skoglund-Moe 12-3-16 $20.00   2892
Frederick A. Surman 12-5-16 $20.00   6164
Patrick Hilla " $20.00 $5.00 11613
John R Balint 12-10-16 $20.00   1131
Thomas Dorsey " $20.00   cash
Michael/Linda Gullo 12-14-16   $100.00 7882











Danny Day, Skip and Steve Tailgating at the Shoe



FREE Thanksgiving Dinner for Vets Nov. 18, 11:30a - 2:30p






Herd members, here’s a report and the collection of pictures from our ceremony in Lexington, Kentucky. Off the top it was simply excellent. The pictures does not show it but there was actually a large collection of the VA staff who came out to stand in attendance. The lady giving a speech with myself and TERRY AUBREY standing close by is EMMA METCALF, the VA director.

Miss Metcalf and the whole VA organization of Lexington was genuinely enthused about the whole project concerning the bench. They loved it. One of the staff members asked for my Herd card that she may get in touch with a staff member in Pennsylvania to encourage the VA there to do the same thing.

Our bench is directly under the American flag, right on the newly constructed thoroughfare leading into the building. Coming from the parking lot no one can miss it.

Both Terry and I gave a brief speech thanking the staff of Lexington for giving their full support. They were so impressed with the plaque that they are already making plans to contact our casting company here in Ohio to have more veteran plaque made up. They are going to place the plaque around the base of the flag. It was a fine day and Chapter 17 can stand tall at this tribute to the 173d

In the pictures are our Herd members DEAN LOGAN (his wife GINNY was with him), MIKE GULLO, TERRY, MYSELF, JIMMY CECIL, IKE MELLINGER, MERCER VANDENBURG. The staff member in the red shirt standing with Terry Aubrey is JONATHAN HIRST. He too is a Herd member and he made the combat jump into Iraq. That’s Mike Gullo sitting on the bench. He is the Chapter’s Keeper of the Flag. He was returning the flag and plaque in preparation for the upcoming new year’s recipient.

It was a beautiful day and a beautiful event. Totally worth it. Your financial contributions made it all possible. Give yourselves a pat on the back.













Bill Terry just spoke with Associate Vice President TERRY AUBREY. His word on getting the bench and plaque established in Kentucky is this: The VA committee in Kentucky have fallen in love with the concept.

They are anxious to get the bench and plaque fixed on their grounds. But like here in Columbus there is currently some new construction going on so there will be a slight delay.
Get this, their projected date for having the bench established is November 8th! Get it? November 8th.
It will be fixed at the front entrance under the American flag. At night there will be a light coming up from the ground highlighting both the bench and the flag. Beautiful!

The committee has also inquired about the company that made up our plaque. They want to get with them to have other plaques made up for ideas of their own. So, we will eventually get there.
Here are some photos taken during my meeting with Desti Stimes, Public Affairs Officer and Dennis Roberson, Maintenance and Repair Supervisor.




Kokomo 2016


Herd members, hope you have received the pictures from the Kokomo event. There are others but I thought to send out these. Recognize the gang? The Kokomo faithful.
That’s CLARK ETTERMAN leaving DNA evidence at the portal john. That’s RANDAY MUSTON with his dog BUSTER. That damn dog bit me so I thought to include his

The old man at the grave site created a fascinating moment. Me being a movie buff I had stopped once more at the grave site of movie actor JAMES DEAN.
I got to talking with him and came to find that he knew the late actor. They grew up together. His name is CLARENCE NORIS.

 At 81 years of age he said that James Dean was four years older than he but he clearly knew him as they both grew up as farm boys of Indiana.

He said that girls will leave their panties at the grave stone and the stone bore evidence of lipstick. Others have chipped away at it for a souvenir.

James Dean remains a legion among the young and the movie buffs. =













From Prez. Bill Terry:


                                                 Fort Benning Reunion - 2016

 The few pictures I have E-mailed are from the Fort Benning Reunion. That’s MARK MITCHELL sitting outside our motel. That is ROY SCOTT, TIM AUSTIN and TERRY AUBREY. TIM was being honored with a plaque for his service as the Association’s secretary.

The girls are the DOLLY GIRLS who roamed about giving smiles and cheer.


JIM HAYNES, with his wife ANNA, is standing tall considering his past bout with cancer. There is IKE MELLINGER standing beside a replica of President Roosevelt.
The POW TABLE was present at the banquet.

It was a fine reunion. The highlight for everyone was the day the fort offered many the opportunity to leap from the 34 foot tower. And leap we all did! Some of the wives even took up the challenge and made themselves go up the stairs to stand in the door. Out they went to the cheers of all.

The bus tours were excellent. A visit to the Andersonville Prison Yard was impressive, as was the visit to the gardens and the Little White House of President Roosevelt’s retreat. Once again the committee of the Reunion came through and I’m sure most of everyone enjoyed themselves. AIRBORNE!

Our Herd member TOM STECKMAN of Westerville, Ohio has volunteered to pay the cost of the Herd plaque for the Columbus VA. We were talking at the Reunion and he came up with the idea to pay the expenses. Thanks, Tom. I am waiting to get the finished product that I may tally up the cost.

In the mean while Association Vice President TERRY AUBREY has gained permission to place the same plaque and bench at a Kentucky VA. So things are rolling to have this established in both Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. Thanks Terry.

If anyone wishes to obtain your own plaque and/or bench for your own yard or drive way then let me know and I’ll get things rolling for you. =

Gang, here some few revelations and interest of topics that came up during the Committee Meeting at the Fort Benning Reunion:

1) Two reunions next year. Chapter 18 will host the Oklahoma reunion May 17-21 The reunion in Italy will be held in July from the 10th to the 14th..
So far it is a GO that BIG AND RICH will perform for the Herd in Italy. Round trip flight tickets is anywhere between $700 to $1000.

2) Check out the Association’s web pages. All has been made easy to click in any subject you are looking for. More information on the next year’s reunions will be forthcoming on the web.

3) Only those who have paid their dues can electronically access the Sky Soldier Magazine.

4) DANNY DAY no longer runs the Association’s Store in Kentucky. All orders and process of orders are given to the adjacent store that already runs its own business.
Again, go to the Association’s web site to place your orders. It is made far easier.

5) For all Sky Soldiers we the Viet Nam veterans are called FIRST GENERATION. The young Sky Soldiers of today are called SECOND GENERATION. Rest assured the young of today idolize the Viet Nam veterans. They hold the FIRST GENERATION in the highest respect.

6) The Association sends out approximately 4200 Sky Soldier magazines at a cost of $7.87 per copy. The young overseas receives it electronically which, like all the young of today, they are more inclined to do so. To receive the magazine electronically is available to all of us.

7) Veteran groups are pressing Washington to declare March 29th as NATIONAL VIET NAM VETERANS MEMORIAL DAY.

8) Herd veteran BILL REYNOLDS was elected into the Association’s new secretary position. No dispute, as many were looking for the younger candidate.

9) Vice President TERRY AUBREY sold over 600 of the new 50th Anniversary Coins in the first two weeks of its offering. Another 700 to 800 more was sold at the Reunion.
Thus far the coins have generated a $14000 profit for the Association.

10) From January to June 1st of this year the store sales stands at $4,500. Raffle: $4,300. Gains on investments, $4,780. Membership dues, $4,100. Last year’s golf outing
in New Hampshire generated $10,000. In Colorado it generated $1,250.
Add all its checks and balances together and the Association has an ending balance of over $85,000. Thanks to ROY SCOTT and all the committee our Herd is financially
standing tall.

10) There are 5669 active members. Over he past few years that has been an increase 616 new members. We are slowly gaining new members from among the young. =










Rolling Thunder in Washington D.C. - 2016


 Upon the thousands of thousands of motorcycles that took part in this year’s Rolling Thunder in Washington D.C. I managed to capture a few pictures and E-mail them to you.

The guy with his girlfriend standing by his bike decked out with the Herd colors and emblem is a Herd veteran MIKE EMMONS His girl is KIM WORMUTH. Like everyone else they traveled from far and wide to get there.

Of course there is the gentlemanly Marine in his class A’s. It had to have been uncomfortable in all the unbearable heat that day, but he stood tall.

The man and wife in the elk horns and head decorations is the same couple we met a few years back in Lancanster, Ohio during a ceremony honoring the portable
Viet Nam Wall. Dumb me I still forgot to get their name. Our own IKE MELLINGER is posing there with them.

Other than the heat and a screwed up congestion of traffic that was implemented by the police blocking familiar entrances to the Pentagon everything went off without any problem.
The thousands of people lining the Washington streets cheered us on with encouraging smiles and encouraging waves of the American flag.
Just can’t beat a motorcycle for getting out to see the country.




April 9th the Chapter held its annual meeting at the VFW Post in Dayton, Ohio


The Chapter held its annual meeting at the VFW Post in Dayton, Ohio. Photos from the event are E-Mailed separately. It was suppose to be a
warm, sunny, Spring day instead we were hit with snow and wind and cold. Regardless, the Chapter had a pleasant turn out and we thank those who
fought the weather to get there.

1) Metting was open with a pledge to the flag.

2) First order of business was the Chapter’s financial report. The Chapter had concluded its annual raffle drive with a total income $3145.
This included $1645 from the membership’s donations to the Wall Of Honor.
Adding that to the income left over from the previous year gave the Chapter a total income of $8029.
With minor expenses here and there the Chapter set on that total until March of this year whereupon $1000 was donated to the Ronald McDonald House
Charties. It is currently holding steady at just over $7000.

3) We discussed the matter about the park benches that we are currently attempting to to establish at the front entrance of the Columbus VA Clinic.
Thanks to DAVE CARMON who came up with the image we were able to show the Herd emblem and the words 173d Airborne Brigade,
Mid West Chapter 17 encircled around the emblem. This will be placed on the park bench.
Membership agreed to remove the word “Association” from the plaque as this is strictly a Chapter endeavor, reflecting totally on Chapter 17

4) Discussions went on about placing these benches in the surrounding states which are a part of the Chapter.

5) A few applications to the reunion at Fort Benning was given out.

6) Next year’s reunion in Oklahoma was brought up, along with the same year reunion in Italy.

7) Alexandria, VA is the designated area for the reunion in 2018. Pamphlets were passed out depicting the advantages of Alexandria.

8) For those vacationing in July and August in or around New Hampshire and Colorado the Association is holding a great golf outing in
those states. Three of the Herd’s Medal of Honor recipients will be in attendance.

9) Had received a call earlier from the Association’s treasurer JERRY COOPER about complaints of several Chapters and Chapter members
not receiving the Sky Soldier Magazine. Those in attendance and Chapter 17 itself seem to be having no problem with this as there has
been no complaints.

10) Meeting concluded with a delicious meal of beef, potatoes, gravy and bread. Drinks and laughter ended a darn good day. Thanks again
to the VFW Post 9936 of Dayton, and to JOHN KYNE and his wife JOYCE.

Brothers of the Herd, I forgot to mention that at last week’s Chapter Meeting in Dayton, Ohio BILL PALMER won the $100. cash door prize.  He smiled then
promptly gave it back into the Chapter.  Congratulations Bill and thank you.

                                    RAY SUTHERLAND.









Chapter 17 makes second year’s donation to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Childrens Hospital





The lovely girl is ANDREA BIADE and she is cheerfully accepting the Chapter’s second year’s donation to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Childrens Hospital.  Andrea is one of the establishment’s representatives. As it was last year the Chapter’s donation of $1000. is a great cause.  The McDonald House have the 173d’s plaque  on its door and many hundreds of families pass by it during a 12 month period. Our Herd members are delighted  to contribute                          

WebMaster: This is where your generous gifts of money go to work ... to do good.





Annual Meeting in Dayton


Membership of the Herd, our annual Chapter Meeting is now on schedule:

   DATE:  APRIL  9th


    TIME:  2:00 P.M.

                        1720 East Third Street

Thanks to John Kyne whose membership there have granted us permission to meet there.   We were there some two or three years ago.
There will be a $100. cash door prize  plus hamburgers, chicken and drinks afterwards. 
It’s a fine Post so lets get its address into your GPS and come on over for a little get-together.  It’s just outside the city limits of Dayton.







The Frendliest Intestine Ever Seen


16Mar16    Of course this has nothing to do with anything but fills the bill when there is no news.







Danny Day Receives Coveted Black Helmet From OSU   

2Mar16   Well there was this person that gave so much to what needed to be done. A Shriner, a Skysoldier a neighbor, a friend and a Buckeye to say the least.

 The story as told, there was this Southern Ohio Skysoldier, Buckeye, 173d Assn Store Manager and Chapter 17 member who spent so many hours helping others and celebrating life in deeds. Danny Day is his name. Last year he held a tailgate party for the few Buckeyes that inhabit the southern bowels of Ohio, and they are few.  It was a great house-tailgate party at the outpost and little was known about it. After a Saturday of OSU triumph and in the wee hours of the night, host Danny Day found his beloved home in a turmoil of flames and was cast to the streets, away from his fortress of solitude to make way for his repairs that would continue over the next 3 months. Yes, it hurt him deeply as he felt the loss in his life. Saddened by his misfortune Danny was forced to seek refuge in the Florida Keys during Fantasy Week. Well that wasn't so bad. But when he returned he had no home still, and was forced to make do. Yep, a sad story of the loyal. But, alas, it was not unseen by all. After his story circulated and made its way into the Athletic Dept of OSU, his sacrifice was made known. His dedication and love was soon recognized by some of the most powerful at Ohio's greatest University.

 It was confirmed by unanimous vote that something should be done for this Chapter 17 Danny Day for giving so much support and sacrifice to the Buckeye Nation. Furthermore, the major components of OSU Athletics decided to show their official appreciation.

 So on February 17th, 2016 at 2:47pm, Lt. Col Steve Matacia presented the coveted Black Helmet of the OSU Buckeyes, signed by Archie Griffin, Urban Meyers, Gene Smith, Miechelle Willis and several others, to the most deserving, giving, 173d Skysoldier Buckeye Fan.

Go Bucks!

Thanks for all you have done Danny, it is greatly appreciated and thanks for your service to our country.





 HOPING: Chapter 17 Upcoming Annual Metting


29Feb16   Greetings Herd members.  The month of March is when we generally hold our annual Chapter meeting.  I thought to do something different this year:  Regardless of the state you live in if anyone of the members feel that they can muster together a membership of at lest a half dozen or more to attend then we will hold the meeting in your area.  Perhaps you can get permission with your local VFW Post or some friendly little restaurant that will allow us to have the afternoon there. 

Scout around if you feel you can accomplish it.  The middle of March or late March will do just fine.  This allows enough time to get the word out. There will be a one hundred dollar cash door prize and a free lunch or dinner paid for by the Chapter.  There is nothing formal in it.   Come as you like.  We’ll simply chat and discuss things about the Chapter and exchange ideas.  A toast with beer is always a good conclusion.  I am hoping that our own SKIP KNILEY will place this on the Chapter’s Bulletin Board so that others, missing this letter, will see it there. E-Mail or call me, Bill Terry,  at Renownedtwo@wowway.com         614-476-3060        AIRBORNE!





MICHAEL GULLO and his wife LINDA: 2016 Chapter 17 '"keepers of the flag."



4Jan16   This year MICHAEL GULLO and his wife LINDA are designated '"keepers of the flag." Because Mike contributed his whole winnings ($500.00) from the latest raffle drawing the flag most assuredly was to go to him.  Just got back from Louisville, Kentucky whereupon I presented the flag to he and his wife.  This flag flew in Afghanistan over a command post of the 173d. The 1st of the 503d presented it to Chapter 17 for its support.  Every year we place it into the hands of he or she who have financially contributed the most to the Chapter.  This year it .goes to MICHAEL GULLO.  Airborne, Mike!





2015 Wall Of Honor Results

DICK & CHAR PARSONS    first for 2015 100
Bruce & Pauline Grueschow 100
Bill Terry 40
Craig Stewart 5
Bruce Grueschow 30
Timothy Brooks 20
Dennis Dunegan 5
Dennis Odgaard 5
Joseph Gray 100
Jim Haynes 100
David Van Leeuwen 5
Harry Young 30
Angel Kustief 30
William Palmer 60
Richard Whipple 30
Francis Diehl 5
Lewis Newman 5
Clifton Timbrook 5
Michael/Linda Gullo        "Biggest Donor" 520
Michael Matthews 5
Sara/Brian Holland 5
Mark Mitchell 10
Bob/Sharon Ceckitti 80
Alfred Hunt 5
Thomas Bivens 10
Craig Long 5
David Tice 20
Judy Ann Wessolek 105
Percival Piper 30
Dean Logan 20
Duane Wilcox 100
John Page  20
Patrick Hilla 5
Pete/Linda Hoosier 30


2015 Raffle Results 
Totals   $2,240.00 $905.00  
Name Date Ticket Donations Check
Received Amount Number
Ron Dick 10-4-'15 $20.00   1436
Hubert Davis 10-7-'15 $20.00   1225
Craig Stewart $20.00 $5.00 2099
Bruce Grueschow $20.00 $30.00 2556
Roger Hill $20.00   8802
William Willoughby $20.00   6,983
James Schaffer $20.00   1105
Timothy Brooks $20.00 $20.00 2061
Albert Wohlwend 10-8-'15 $20.00   3622
William Humphery $20.00   1535
Dick Parsons $20.00   cash
David Shaginaw $20.00   9730
Terry Aubrey $20.00   cash
Dennis Dunegan $20.00 $5.00 1932
Jerome Marcum 10-9-'15 $20.00   957
Marilyn Racho $20.00   M.O.
James Schmidt $20.00   1700
Michael Flynn $20.00   3492
James Gettel $20.00   280
Lawrence Paladino $20.00   3268
Kenneth Finland $20.00   2696
Robert Runo $20.00   424
Meho Hukarevic 10-10-'15 $20.00   1191
DennisOdgaard $20.00 $5.00 8535
Jack A. Moore $20.00   6654
Albert Sommer 10-14-'15 $20.00   3369
John Dunlap $20.00   4403
Joseph Gray $20.00 $100.00 50158
Jim Haynes $20.00 $100.00 1167
Stan Leedy $20.00   4382
William Krampt $20.00   4464
Frank Jenkins $20.00 6549
Joseph Evans $20.00   8179
Sean Horval $20.00   1004
David Van Leeuwen $20.00 $5.00 1396
SFC William Thompson $20.00   2549
Harold Ratlife $20.00   1180
Brenda Shepherd $20.00   3364
Robert Ream $20.00   1984
Harry Young $20.00 $30.00 3781
Angel Kustief $20.00 $30.00 1913
Randy Muston $20.00   6432
James Lake $20.00   1854
William Palmer 10-15-'15 $40.00 $60.00 2976
Corbett Fugate $20.00   5096
Tommy Ontko $20.00   3261
Robert Fleming Jr. 10-16-'15 $20.00   7765
Richard Whipple $20.00 $30.00 8130
Daniel Starrs 10-19-'15 $20.00   3250
Leslie Daniels $20.00   610
Thomas Ticherich $20.00   6598
Francis Diehl $20.00 $5.00 5995
Lewis Newman $20.00 $5.00 2023
James McClure 10-20-'15 $20.00   1132
Clifton Timbrook $20.00 $5.00 10035
Edward Soyk 10-22-'15 $20.00   3565
Michael/Linda Gullo 10-23-'15 $20.00 $20.00 7120
Michael Matthews $20.00 $5.00 311
Sara/Brian Holland 10-24-'15 $20.00 $5.00 539
Ken/Amy Lambertson 10-26-'15 $20.00   5120
John Sullivan $20.00   7323
Charles Barnett $20.00   2152
Mark Mitchell 10-28-'15 $20.00 $10.00 634
John Billman $20.00   3093
Thomas Steckman 10-29-'15 $20.00   202
Bob/Sharon Ceckitti $20.00 $80.00 5431
Tommy Morgan 10-30-'15 $20.00   2296
Steve/Amanda  Huber 10-31-'15 $20.00   2211
Alfred Hunt 11-3-'15 $20.00 $5.00 369
Thomas Bivens   $20.00 $10.00 6449
Craig Long $20.00 $5.00 M.O.
Harvey/Patricia  $20.00   1308
David Tice 11-5-'15 $20.00 $20.00 M.O.
Stuart Long $20.00   1179
Judy Ann Wessolek $20.00 $105.00 1225
Jerry Spence 11-6-'15 $20.00   M.O.
Percival Piper 11-9='15 $20.00 $30.00 8216
William Wyatt $20.00   1833
Eugene Havens $20.00   542
William Morse 11-10-'15 $20.00   5845
Timothy Culbertson 11-11-'15 $20.00   5213
Dean Logan 11=13-'15 $20.00 $20.00 2423
Joseph Diener $20.00   1191
Duane Wilcox $20.00 $100.00 4962
DeWitt C. Wiley 11-17-'15 $20.00   9888
David Harlacher $20.00   8445
James Strode 11-19-'15 $20.00   4498
Betty Skoglund-Moe $20.00   2841
Walter Russell 11-24-'15 $20.00   1650
James Stevens 11-25-'15 $20.00   211
William Terry 11-26-'15 $20.00   cash
Richard Terry $20.00   cash
Marie Blackenberry $20.00   cash
Jeff Terry $20.00   cash
Flo Castleman $20.00   cash
John Page 11-28-'15 $20.00 $20.00 102
Larence Giround 11-30-'15 $10.00   3065
Dan Booth $5.00  
Scott Simpson $5.00  
John Bragiel $20.00   930
James McAdams 12-4-'15 $20.00   1132
Patrick Hilla $20.00 $5.00 11385
Jerry Mellinger $5.00   6938
Tyler Mellinger $5.00  
Chris Mellinger $5.00  
Matthew Mellinger $5.00  
Lynda Mellinger $5.00  
Dan Baker 12-5-'15 $20.00   7608
Charles Carter 12-9-'15 $20.00   7808
Pete/Linda Hoosier 12-14-'15 $20.00 $30.00 1019
John Balint 12-17-'15 $20.00   1800
Mike Kokoseka $5.00   8149
Bob Dew $5.00  
Rich Whipple $20.00  
Mike Dicka $5.00  
Don Dicka $5.00  
Ron King $5.00  
Steve Radachy $5.00  
Art Esper $5.00  
John Spencer $5.00  
Bob Caldwell $5.00  
Gary Boucher $5.00  
Loren Roberts $5.00  
Ski Davidson $5.00  
Al Sneatn $5.00  
Darrell Bazman $5.00  
Harry Ohanian $5.00  
John Balint " $20.00   ?







18Dec15   December 18th concluded our annual raffle drive. Our own John Schulte did the honors of reaching into the bucket to draw out the winning ticket. Our winner this year was MIKE GULLO of Louisville, Kentucky. Bill we called him to congratulate. We found Mike to be in a very pleasant mood, excited to have won. He was so generous that he gave the entire $500.00 winnings back to the Chapter. He insisted, though I tried to encourage him to take a lest part of the winnings. He was happy to give it all. The Chapter is grateful and we extend a sincere Thank You to our winner. Everything went smoothly with the raffle. It's our good old bread&butter and, thanks to our membership, it keeps us going.







Tuskegee Airmen annual Christmas party here in Columbus












12Dec15 - B. Terry   On Saturday December 5th I attended the Tuskegee Airmen annual Christmas party here in Columbus. In one of the pictures from last year I am standing with an elderly gentleman in his Air Force uniform. He is HAROLD WESLEY, crewman of a B-28 during WW11. Harold passed away just three weeks before this year's party. He honored the Tuskegee airmen because, as he told me last year, they saved he and his crewmen on two separate occasions, blowing German fighters out of the sky.

The men in the picture frame is General BENJAMIN O DAVIS JR. commander of the Tuskegee Airmen during WW 11 and General DANIEL "CHAPPIE" JAMES JR. first four star USAF general.
The lady standing between two of my buddies is PAULA BROOKS, Franklin County Board of Commissioners. She gave a fine speech honoring both the Tuskegee Airmen and all veterans.

Two of the original airmen were at the party: HILTON CARTER and DONALD ELDER. Now in their 90's they are standing tall and I am kicking myself for not getting their picture. It was a fine evening with many gifts, awards and scholarships passed throughout a rather large gathering. The Tuskegee Airmen are also veterans. They wore the American uniform as we did. They served with great distinction and we of the Herd salute them.







Terry's Thoughts




12Oct15   Ignore the dates stamped on the pictures and you will find that on October 12th of this year three of us motorcycle nuts took advantage of a crisp day and drove down to visit DANNY DAY in Kentucky. That's him in the red shirt pretending to be busy in the Association's Store.  Actually with the orders piling on his desk he is in fact quite busy.

That's IKE MELLINGER and our buddy TIM (HIPPY) HOLLOWAY in the left picture, then me, Ike and Danny in the center picture.  It was an excellent day.  We always make it an excellent day.  Whenever you are in Ashland, Kentucky stop and pay Dan a visit.  He'll love it.  Anyone living in the area how about stopping in and giving Danny a hand once in a while.  So many purchasing requests come in that it sometimes overloads poor Danny.




Terry's Thoughts - 22Sept15




Moth Man of Point Pleasant


30Aug15  - B. Terry   Here is just a little something to spice up our Bulletin Board. This creature is the legendary Moth Man of Point Pleasant, West Virginia.  It's just across the boarder from Ohio. Sworn by many in that region to have been real there has been little to no sightings since its more controversial days of the 1960s.  Movie actor Richard Gere starred in the movie called, I think, The Moth Man Diaries. The people of Point Pleasant conduct a yearly festival to celebrate this strange creatures visit to their town.  It's held in early September.  Call the town or check the internet for the exact date. Perhaps you will want to drop in to check it out.






02Aug15  - B. Terry   A short while ago we reported news about a Japanese flag captured during WW11 An American veteran, now in a nursing home, had possession of it all these years. With the help of Columbus VA Administrator Skip Turner the flag was returned to the daughter and grandchildren of the flag's owner. His name and the name of his village was on the flag. It turns out that the flag's owner was actually the captain of the ship that went down. His name was Sanosuke Miura and he is survived today by his daughter and grandchildren. With a ceremony the flag was returned home and the family and neighbors was earnestly thankful to have it back.





14JUNE15  - B. Terry  Yesterday I was at the local VA talking with Administrator Skip Turner. He got to telling me about a Japanese flag captured during WW11. The owner, now in a nursing home, sought to return it to Japan. With Skip Turner's help they got in touch with Japanese representatives. The Japanese were immediately curious. They saw that on the flag was the owner's name and the village he was from. They traced the family down (grandchildren) who were all highly moved. The grandchildren had lost their entire village when that tsunami hit a few years ago. They lost everything, but news of the flag came as a burst of light. One report is the Japanese will present the flag in a ceremony to the family, another report is the Japanese will preserve it in their national museum. Regardless, it's a great little story and Skip Turner is extremely proud to have been a part of it. I'll e-mail both a picture of the flag and the pictures and news report of the American veteran and the Japanese helping to return it. Lets get it on the Bulletin Board so others can read it.






06May15                                                                                                     Some pix from San Diego






31MAR15                                                                         BILL AND SKIP'S EXCELLANT ADVENTURE


After Relations Manger DARLA STOVER had informed me that the sign that the Chapter had established at the McDonald House Charities had arrived our own SKIP KNILEY and I went out to take a look.
DARLA STOVER was ever cheerful and gracious. She gave Skip the same tour that Ike Mellinger and I had earlier received. SKIP was as impressed as we had been. He too felt that the Chapter's donation was put to excellent use. The McDonald House Charities could not have been a better choice.



                                          This is the actual plaque on the sponsored room: "ADOPTED BY 173d AIRBORNE BRIGADE CHAPTER 17 COLUMBUS, OHIO"




SKIP is with DARLA STOVER in the picture.                Then there is me and Skip ..................................... then Skip with the McDonald statue.





Afterwards President Terry had lunch with Skip at the Golden Corral, good talk and laughs, then ... Bill became very concerned about the young blonde behind him, stalking.




27MAR15                                                                                   OBAMA PROCLAIMS MARCH 29th VIETNAM VETERANS DAY


The following is President Obama’s 2012 proclamation declaring March 29, 2012, as Vietnam Veterans Day. There is currently a bill in the Senate (S. 409), which would officially set March 29th as a day of patriotic and national observance for Vietnam Veterans.

                                                                                                                        # # # #
                                                                                      Presidential Proclamation — Vietnam Veterans Day

                                                                                   BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
                                                                                                                   A PROCLAMATION

On January 12, 1962, United States Army pilots lifted more than 1,000 South Vietnamese service members over jungle and underbrush to capture a National Liberation Front stronghold near Saigon. Operation Chopper marked America’s first combat mission against the Viet Cong, and the beginning of one of our longest and most challenging wars. Through more than a decade of conflict that tested the fabric of our Nation, the service of our men and women in uniform stood true. Fifty years after that fateful mission, we honor the more than 3 million Americans who served, we pay tribute to those we have laid to rest, and we reaffirm our dedication to showing a generation of veterans the respect and support of a grateful Nation.
The Vietnam War is a story of service members of different backgrounds, colors, and creeds who came together to complete a daunting mission. It is a story of Americans from every corner of our Nation who left the warmth of family to serve the country they loved. It is a story of patriots who braved the line of fire, who cast themselves into harm’s way to save a friend, who fought hour after hour, day after day to preserve the liberties we hold dear. From Ia Drang to Hue, they won every major battle of the war and upheld the highest traditions of our Armed Forces.

Eleven years of combat left their imprint on a generation. Thousands returned home bearing shrapnel and scars; still more were burdened by the invisible wounds of post-traumatic stress, of Agent Orange, of memories that would never fade. More than 58,000 laid down their lives in service to our Nation. Now and forever, their names are etched into two faces of black granite, a lasting memorial to those who bore conflict’s greatest cost.

Our veterans answered our country’s call and served with honor, and on March 29, 1973, the last of our troops left Vietnam. Yet, in one of the war’s most profound tragedies, many of these men and women came home to be shunned or neglected — to face treatment unbefitting their courage and a welcome unworthy of their example. We must never let this happen again. Today, we reaffirm one of our most fundamental obligations: to show all who have worn the uniform of the United States the respect and dignity they deserve, and to honor their sacrifice by serving them as well as they served us. Half a century after those helicopters swept off the ground and into the annals of history, we pay tribute to the fallen, the missing, the wounded, the millions who served, and the millions more who awaited their return. Our Nation stands stronger for their service, and on Vietnam Veterans Day, we honor their proud legacy with our deepest gratitude.
NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim March 29, 2012, as Vietnam Veterans Day. I call upon all Americans to observe this day with appropriate programs, ceremonies, and activities that commemorate the 50 year anniversary of the Vietnam War.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this twenty-ninth day of March, in the year of our Lord two thousand twelve, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-sixth.





 18MAR15                                                                                                           CHAPTER MEETING - Sat, March 28 @2p

Time/date MARCH 28th @ 2 P.M.

Place: VFW POST 1108

Address: 213 SOUTH 8th STREET

If you can make it, guys, wives, feel free to come out to the meeting. It's open to the entire Chapter family.

At 5:30 P.M. the Post will be hosting some kind of "Pizza Man" event, so stick around for roast pork,
stuffed chicken, salad, baked potato, vegetables and other goodies.

Hope to see you there and feel free to bring along anything you wish to discuss.

--------------------------- Directions to the Chapter Meeting -----------------------------------

Coming from Ohio on 70 West, cross the boarder and almost immediately
turn off on exit 151.

Keep to the right off the exit. Remain on that street for about 3 or 4 miles.

At 8th Street turn left for about three or four blocks.

Should see the VFW Post on your left. Parking lot is right there beside it.





03MAR15                                                      PRESIDENT'S 2015 FINANCIAL REPORT



As of February 28th 2015 the Chapter's bank account stands at $7,079.66

This is after paying out the expenses of:

1) $500. to raffle winner.

2) $1000. to McDonald House Charities.

3) $135. every other month for homeless veterans bus tickets.

4) $200. to little league baseball team.

5) $266.85 San Diego 3 night motel room at MidWinter Conference.

6) $349.70 Air flight to MidWinter Conference.

7) $83.30 additional stamps to mail raffle to non-active members.

With the remainder from last year's account the Chapter's funds had risen to over $9000. Expenses have us down to $7,079.66 as of this date of March 14th.

Your Chapter funds are looking good. Will hand out the bank's account at the Chapter meeting, to be announced.







01FEB15                                                                       CHAPTER 17 DONATES $1000.00 TO THE MCDONALD HOUSE









In our quest to find a suitable recipient for a Chapter 17 contribution I have found without question the best: The Ronald McDonald House of Childrens' Hospital.
I contacted Darla Stover, Relations Manager, and informed her of an ambition to contribute as a non-profit organization to a worthy cause. She was totally appreciative. With the Chapter's Treasurer, Ike Mellinger, in tow Darla Stover gave us both a complete tour of an outstanding facility.

The Ronald McDonald House does everything for families caught in the dilemma of a sick child, providing quality rooms, meals, recreation, laundry, cafeteria, television, movies; everything to make their stay comfortable for as long as needed. It's all free, thanks to the generous donations of big and small businesses and the local community. And now we can add the name of Chapter 17 to that list.

I will write more on this in the National Magazine, suffice to say here that in return for the Chapter's donation the facility will place a donation notice over one of the doors. It will read, "173d Airborne Brigade Chapter 17 Columbus, Ohio" It will be there permanently. Families coming and going will read the name of the 173d as a contributor.

Truly can't say enough about the place and the great work the staff does there. Ike and I both agreed that this was an absolute worthy cause and every Chapter member should feel proud that the Chapter's name is now attached to it.

We donated an even one thousand dollars. The contribution allowed us to get our name on the door. Fear not, I am watching your money and I say again that this was a great cause. Nothing wasted.




20JAN15                                                                                             Association's Mid-Winter Conference - San Diego.


Greetings to all.  As your fearless leader I will be going off  this week to the Association's Mid-Winter Conference, to the site of  the Reunion in Dan Diego.  I have searched high and wide to find the cheapest airline flight. Found a cheap flight for a little over $400. round trip. I think that is a pretty good deal as I don't like digging into the Chapter's funds. After all the expenses of this year --- including paying out the Raffle winner --- your funds are sitting at over $8000. Will give a full financial report during our own meeting in the month of March

Our raffle winner DANIEL MORELLI have returned to the Chapter a tidy amount to be placed back into the funds. AIRBORNE TO DANIEL!

 Just got back from the Association's Winter Conference in San Diego.  An excellent meeting with lots of information to swallow.  I will share some of it with you at a later time.  But first I want to draw this to your attention:  Going to San Diego gave me a preview of the Herd's National Reunion.  Folks I  have to tell you that San Diego is beautiful!  I got to the location of where the Reunion is going to be held.  It was night  and I thought "What's the big deal about this place?"  Then I saw it in the early morning sunlight with the palm trees and the California skies.

Herd brothers, get your reservations put in now because you are in for a treat!  You cannot help from admiring the location and everything around you. Your wife will have a major shopping mall within walking distance. It's not enclosed.  It's open to the California sun. There is so damn much to see in that mall including open cafes' to sit and soak it all in.  A movie theater is there, too. And then there is a beautiful trolly that for $7.00 you can ride all day, choosing your tour location and getting on and off at will.

Gardens and plants and fountains are are all around the motel grounds. There are numerous swimming pools and one is heated for night swimming.  A fine bar and deli restaurant was near my room and I didn't know it until the next day.  You have to slow down when you are there or you will miss so many little things.

I could go on and on but I'll leave you with this:  GET YOUR  RESERVATION IN FOR THE REUNION!  You and your  wife are going to love it!  Do it before April 1st because afterwards the price will go up.






2014 Total: $1,685.00

(2013 Total: $1,110.00)

Bruce Grueschow  1st for 2014 100.00
Ike Mellinger 50.00
Bill Terry 50.00
Dick Parsons 100. 00
Local 189 Plumbers and Pipe Fitters 800.00
Craig M. Stewart 5.00
Leslie Daniels 5.00
David Tice 25.00
Corrett T. Fugate 5.00
Gerald P. Sopko 5.00
Lewis. T Newman 5.00
Michael J. Gullo 30.00
Linda J. Gullo 20.00
Robert J. Fleming, Jr 5.00
Fenacis W. Diehl 30.00
David/Susan O Aker 50.00
Joseph F. Mlinac 45.00
Jim Haynes 5.00
Ray/Mary Compton 10.00
Don L. Lair 30.00
William/Joyce Palmer 50.00
James L. McAdams 5.00
Bruce Schmidt 5.00
Percival Piper 5.00
G.B. Humphreys II 5.00
Duane Wilcox 100.00
Jerome D. Morton 5.00
Bob/Sharon Ceckitti 30.00
James/Virginia Coleman 5.00
Whitefeather Meats LLC 100.00





20JAN15                                                                       Association's MidWinter Conference in  San Diego

(Pictures left to right:  Daniel Day and Roy Scott;   Colonel   Michael Foster at the podium;   blurred meeting;   a street of San Diego)


 The Commander of the 173d, Colonel Michael Foster, and his Sergeant   Major Rick Clark attended the Association's MidWinter Conference in  San Diego.  They had flown in from Italy and both gave a glowing report about   the young men and women of today's Herd.  All are proud of the Herd  and all are proud to  belong.  Colonel Foster reported that graduates of West Point seek  their first assignments with the Herd, and for this the 173d is  drawing top leadership in its officers.  When asked about women attempting to join the Rangers Colonel Foster  responded that today's young troops could care less about your  gender or your sexual  preference.  They simply want you to do your job.  If you are  incapable then they want nothing to do with you, you are out of the  club.  Don't ask don't tell does not apply to the young troopers of today.  They just want you hard  driving and able to keep up. We older troops are dinosaurs.  We belonged to an age and an attitude that has past us by.  Young troopers today are blazing new  trails that have left us behind. Jerry Cooper has done a fabulous job upgrading the internet and the financial dealings.  You can now drop the National Magazine from the mail and receive it complete over the internet.  Young active duty troops are encouraged  to join at $16. annual dues.  They won't receive the magazine in  this because the young are  more hooked on today's electronics and are better able to get into it.  Those dues apply to them only as a means to get more of the  young to join up.  Go to "dhill 173@verzion.net" and request "Please change my magazine  delivery from U. S  mail to online viewing."  Go to the Association's Web and type in  your pass word.  Click to get a new pass word  if you don't remember the old.

 An ability to use your Visa to pay your dues or to purchase from the Association's Store will soon be in the works.  Eric Hitchcock is seeing to the integrity of donations belonging to the Herd's Foundation.  You can donate to the general funds or specify your choice.  There is more  to report.  I'll come back later.



08DEC18                                                                        THE 2014 RAFFLE WINNER IS DAN MORELL of Greensburg, PA.  


Pictures from the home of Association President Roy Scott during the RAFFLE DRAWING.   Roy's wife, Jessica, dumped the stubs in a pot and we stirred it all up for good measure.  She turned her head away as she reached in and drew out the winning name.

his year the raffle winner is DAN MORELL of Greensburg, PA. Roy called him and we both congratulated him.  Dan was delighted.  The winning check has already been mailed off to him.  We had another outstanding drive and thanks once again to one and all for contributing.  I did not win, you did not win, the Chapter won as we collected over $3000.  Add that to the holdings from last year and the Chapter is doing financially fine.  Now lets all be safe as we enjoy the holiday.






Totals   $2,580.00 $585.00   $3,165.00
Name Date Ticket Donations Check Remarks
  Received Amount   Number  
Craig M. Stewart Oct.4th $20.00 $5.00 1900  
Dick & Char Parsons $20.00   7748  
Leslie Daniels $20.00 $5.00 418  
William L. Humphrey $20.00   1525  
Thomas Steckman $20.00   149  
David Tice Oct.6th $20.00 $25.00 M.O. 684  
Jeremiah L. Minor $20.00   2011  
Adalbert Sommer $20.00   3257  
Corrett T. Fugate $20.00 $5.00 4580  
William Willoughby $20.00   6816  
Gayle/Charles Spencer $20.00   10005  
Donald V. Horger $20.00   4411  
David Kaminski $20.00   2039  
Michael R. Flynn $20.00     forgot to fill in check number
Robert Ream Oct.8th $20.00   1916  
Dennis Odgaard $20.00   8272  
Bruce/Pauline Grueschow Oct.9th $20.00   2408  
Kenneth Lambertson $20.00   5873  
James Stanzak $20.00   2433  
John Bragiel $20.00   871  
Tommy Morgan $20.00   2062  
William Burris $20.00   7381  
John/Helga Sullivan $20.00   7214  
James F. Gettel $20.00   264  
Gerald P. Sopko $20.00 $5.00 413  
Lewis. T Newman $20.00 $5.00 1828  
Michael J. Gullo $20.00 $30.00 6370  
Linda J. Gullo   $20.00 6369  
,Robert J. Fleming, Jr $20.00 $5.00 7543  
Kenneth E. Myers, Jr $20.00   5906  
Fenacis W. Diehl $20.00 $30.00 5885  
Gary J. Plucinski $20.00   10845  
Johm E. Pacola $20.00   5786  
Timothy Brooks Oct10th $20.00   1842  
James O. Lynch $20.00   1221  
Ross/Janet Daly $20.00   398  
Brenda Sheherd $20.00   3181 Raffle winner two years ago.
Phil McHenry Oct.12th $5.00   cash  
Troy Parsons $5.00    
Tracey Freeman $5.00    
Gary Murray $5.00    
Tonda Sevy $5.00    
Gene Law $20.00   2472  
Roger Hill $20.00   8488  
Thomas Ticherich $20.00   6509  
Joseph A. Diener $20.00   1003  
James L. Stevens $20.00   149  
Anthony Bommarito $20.00   4730  
James/Becky McClure $20.00   1067  
John E. Billman $20.00   2848  
David O Aker $20.00   2188  
David/Susan O Aker   $50.00 2189  
Joseph F. Mlinac Oct.14th $20.00 $45.00 223  
Elaine Kinsman $20.00   1462  
Gary Davidson $20.00   1650  
Sean M. Horval $20.00   1215  
Lawrence J. Palading $20.00   3221  
William/Ashley Krupa $20.00   1411  
Albert W. Wohlwend $20.00   3572  
Harry G. Moshier $20.00   11208  
Joseph R. Evans $20.00   7941  
Skip Kniley Oct.16th $5.00   cash  
Stew Farrar $20.00   1318  
William/Sharyn Morse $20.00   5793  
Dennis D. Dunegan $20.00   1808  
Stanley K. Leedyt $20.00   4212  
Jim Haynes Oct.17th $20.00 $5.00 1136 Last year's raffle winner
William Krampf $20.00   4341  
Jerome Marcum $20.00   907  
Harley T. Bobo Jr $20.00   278  
Ray/Mary Compton $20.00 $10.00 1824  
James W. Voss $20.00   2507  
Edward/Norma Soyk $20.00   3439  
Fredrick Long $20.00   5005  
Virgil Ducmanas $20.00   3673  
James E. Lake Oct.18th $20.00   1689  
Don L. Lair $20.00 $30.00 1109  
Linda Mitchell Oct.22nd $20.00   cash  
Daniel Starrs $20.00   1134  
Jerry Spence Oct.23rd $20.00   M.O.7612  
Kenneth/Bessie Green $20.00   197  
Dean/Virginia Logan Oct.25th $20.00   2247  
DeWitt C. Wiley $20.00   9724  
Charles/Anne Carter $20.00   7553  
Bob Sullivan $10.00   367  
Art Reid $10.00    
Luther Curry Jr. $5.00    
Michael Matthews Oct.27th $20.00   2163  
Harold/Rita Ratliff $20.00   1084  
William/Joyce Palmer Oct.28th $50.00 $50.00 2636  
Clark Etterman Oct.29th $20.00   2018  
Terry Aubrey $20.00   cash  
Robert Vajda Nov. 1st $20.00   722  
James L. McAdams Nov.3rd $20.00 $5.00 1188  
Bruce Schmidt $20.00 $5.00  
Steve Hoehw $10.00    
John Daily $5.00    
Granny Hardhel $5.00    
Danny Mullins $5.00    
Steve Timberlake $5.00    
Jamie Withman $5.00    
Brett Wilson $5.00    
John Sterling $5.00    
Sarah Flickner $5.00    
Janet Barks $5.00    
William Orwick $5.00    
Wilburn Goodpaster $5.00    
Aaron Locker $20.00   164  
Roy/Jessica F. Scott Nov.5th $20.00   7762  
Brian/Sara Holland $20.00   469  
Daniel F. Day $20.00   2635  
William Wyatt Nov.8th $20.00   1683  
Percival Piper Nov.10th $20.00 $5.00 8082  
Larry/Betty Moe Nov.14th $20.00   2773  
Clifton Timbrook Nov.18th $20.00   9791  
G.B. Humphreys 11 $20.00 $5.00 3275  
Jacquelyn/Bruce Moser Nov.19th $20.00   1163  
David G. Davis $20.00   8299  
Jerry L. Wilson $20.00   4953  
Joe E. Brown Nov.20th $20.00   1814  
Duane Wilcox Nov.21st $20.00 $100.00 4858 Raffle winner three years ago
Jerome D. Morton $20.00 $5.00 1294  
James/Jeanette Simpson $20.00   1950  
Bob/Sharon Ceckitti Nov.24th $20.00 $30.00 5393  
Stuart Long $20.00   9898  
Daniel N. Morelli $20.00      
Frank/Betty Jenkins $20.00   6343  
James/Virginia Coleman Nov.26th $20.00 $5.00 5713  
William/Joyce Palmer $20.00   2667  
William J. Butler Nov.29th $20.00   1231  
William Terry Nov.30th $20.00   cash  
Nate Terry $20.00   cash  
Jeff Terry $20.00   cash  
Flo Castleman $20.00   cash  
Marie Blackenberry $20.00   cash  
David Harlacher Dec.3rd $20.00   8323  
David/Joyce Shaginaw $20.00   9632  
Craig Long Dec.4th $5.00   M.O. 4725  
Pat Long $5.00    
Earl Long $5.00    
Curtis Long $5.00    
Eddie MacLong $5.00    
Whitefeather Meats LLC Dec.5th $20.00 $100.00 15165 Freddie Perkins sent the check
Scott F. Risi $20.00   202  
Donald Haus $20.00   982  
Ike Mellinger Dec.11th $5.00   6662  
Lynda Mellinger $5.00    
Tyler Mellinger $5.00    
Chris Mellinger $5.00    
Matthew Mellinger $5.00    
Douglas H. Blackenburg Dec.15th $20.00   1520  
Patrick Hilla $20.00   11155  



04DEC14                                                                 Happy Holidays From Bill Terry


I recieved an email from Bill Terry. It had no message just a subject line: "Bulletin Board". Evidently Bill owns a camera and was quite moved by the model trains. So much so, he took pictures and wanted to share his joy with you all. So here is a sweet bit of Merry Christmas joy from Bill's heart.










24NOV14                                                                       Memorial Foundation to Honor MoH Recipients

On 13 June 2015, at the 173d Airborne Brigade National Memorial located on the National Infantry Museum’s Walk of Honor, the 173d Airborne Brigade National Memorial Foundation Board of Directors will add the names of the two warriors to the Memorial’s Medal of Honor granite panel. The ceremony will take place at 1000 hours.

The ceremony will honor Kyle White and Ryan Pitts, who both received the Medal of Honor in 2014 for heroic actions while serving in Company C, 2-503d Infantry in 2007-2008. White was honored for actions on 9 November 2007 and Pitts for actions on 13 July 2008. The names of these two warriors will be the 15th and 16th names on this panel and with MoH recipient Salvatore Guinta are the second and third names added for actions in the Afghanistan theater

Sky Soldiers of all generations and their families, and friends of Sky Soldiers are invited to attend the ceremony..

MoH recipient Salvatore Guinta stands at the 173d Airborne Brigade National Memorial Medal of Honor Panel in 2011




07NOV14                                                                                                       Columbus Veterans Day Parade











01OCT14                                                            2015 ASSOCIATION REUNION - SAN DIEGO


Use these links to register and see more info on the 2015 Assn. Reunion:


 2015 Reunion Registration Form           San Diego Reunion Info





20SEP14                                                            KENTUCKY DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS

FRANKFORT, Ky — Vietnam War-era veterans and their families are being invited to Kentucky's first major event commemorating the 50th anniversary of the war.

The Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs says the event is set for 2 p.m. EDT Sept. 25 at the Kentucky Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Frankfort. The names of Kentucky's 1,103 fallen soldiers in Vietnam are carved into the base of the memorial.

Guests will include Gov. Steve Beshear, Medal of Honor recipient Don Jenkins and Joe Galloway, author of "We Were Soldiers Once."

The event is part of the national 50th Anniversary Vietnam War Commemoration, which runs from 2013 to 2025.

Think your friends should see this? Share it with them! 



07Sep14                                                                 KOKOMO

Herd brothers, the  event in Indiana is upon us once again. Its activities begins on the 14th and goes to the 22nd. Come on over and rub shoulders with old friends. The many who show up there every year do so because they enjoy it. For a small fee the wives will be offering up a fine meal and refreshments.

I know there are bikers in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Kentucky. Get on your bike and enjoy that last ride of the closing season by over to Kokomo, Indiana.

Enter onto the grounds, look to the left for the big tent. The Herd flag will be flying nearby. The Army, Navy, Air force and Marines are all there; thousands of them. So come on out and enjoy yourself before the snow starts flying.



14AUG14                                             CHAPTER 17 SPONSORS LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL


Former Chapter 17 President Jim Haynes has a 11 year old granddaughter. She have asked if the Chapter will sponsor her little league baseball team. With a donation of $200 to her team they in return will carry a Herd banner onto the field during every game to show its sponsorship. As a dedicated Herd member Jim Haynes is himself delighted with the idea and have assured me that the Herd sign will be presented during his granddaughter's games.

Assuming the membership approves it I intend to donate $200 of the Chapter's funds to this cause. Like in our assistance to the Homeless Veterans Program this sponsorship of a youth baseball league is a good reflection on the Chapter.

It is my continual hope to safe guard the Chapter's funds and to make use of it only when there is a valid call for it. I hope that you the members feel as I do that sponsoring a little league team is a good cause and is in no way a waste of funds. Besides, too, at every game they are going to show the Herd patch.





27JULY14                                          Chapter 17 Proudly Supports Homeless Programs


Below is a letter sent to Bill Terry & Midwest Ch17 members for making a donation to the Homeless Programs in the Columbus Area.  This is a fine example of what your generous donations do for our fellow vets. Air ...  Borne!



Subject: Thank you again Midwest Chapter 17

Mr. Terry,

A big thank you to your organization (Midwest Chapter 17) for the third donation of bus passes! This goes a long way towards our mission of housing homeless veterans.

Take care,

Jessica M. Sheldon MSW, LISW
Homeless Programs Supervisor

Columbus VA ACC
420 N. James Road
Columbus, OH 43219
Office: 614.257.5209
Cell: 614.288.8463
Fax: 614.257.5205


01JULY14                                            Local 189 Plumbers and Pipe Fitters Proudly Supports Chapter 17

Bill Terry attended his union meeting in Columbus and does it again. He reports that Local 189 Plumbers and Pipe Fitters elected to proudly support the Chapter 17 annual Drawing by donating a check for $800. This money is scheduled to pay for the tickets and postage, eliminating the need to use Chapter funds. The money normally scheduled from Ch17 funds along with the proceeds of the Drawing and Wall of Honor will go to the upcoming community projects which are currently under discussion which include considerations for sponsoring a little league team, Santa Teams on Christmas Day for selected families in need.

So hats off to Bill for hitting a home run and a very specialy thanks and Airborne to Local 189 Plumbers and Pipe Fitters.



26JUNE14                                     CHAPTER 17 NEWS - From Bill Terry

For Chapter 17 we are making changes on the Active and Inactive Roster. To remain on the Active List bring your dues up to date as you should do. It's important, and it is to your benefit at keeping you abreast to the National Magazine and all other pertinent information. Those tickets to the Chapter's annual Raffle drive will later be going out only to the those members on the Active list. It is always a treat to try to win that cash prize but if you are on the Inactive list then you will be missing out on the hope and the fun of getting that Christmas bonus. Honorary members --- and we do have a number of them --- need not worry. Your name is on the Active list.

As your President I am working with the Chapter's attorney John Wilkerson (Craig Steward retired) to assure that as a Chapter we are keeping in step with Uncle Sam's demands.

Hats off to Chapter 5 for hosting this year's National Reunion at Fort Bragg. Just got back from it and, due to all the Herd members, it was splendid. Next year's Reunion will be held by Chapter 25 in San Diego. They have a treat for the first 20 people who send in their registration by July 30th of this year. Of that first twenty, six names will be drawn.

Those six will receive a free pass on their registration! In other words your room is paid for during the whole stay. So, if you are planning for next year's reunion get your registration in by
July 30th of this year and you just might get a free room. AIRBORNE!


10JUN14                                       SALUTING D-DAY - Butch Marcum

Chapter 17's Vice-President, Butch Marcum, held a tribute on June 6th to the veterans of World War 2, honoring the anniversary of D-Day. His VFW Post in Richmond, Indiana had gathered from the nursing homes and the surrounding community those very veterans of that historic day. There were some 60 or 70 of them in attendance and they all came forward with smiles of gratitude.

They were each given a free meal followed by speeches of salute. Sally L. Hutton, the Mayor of the city of Richmond, was in attendance as was a gathering of other political figures.

It was a commendable act on the part of Butch and his popular VFW Post. We as a Chapter stand in salute and recognition of those same veterans and we wish Butch Marcum continual
success for the work he and the Post does for the community and for all veterans. Airborne, Butch!


15JUN14                                                173rd WITH NATO AIRBORNE UNITS

If you missed it on the national news our own Skysoldiers of the 173rd have --- since the month of April ---- been training with the Airborne units of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.
Canadian paratroopers are also among them. The Polish 6th Airborne Brigade is especially proud to be training with the storied Herd.

At a ceremony attended by Latvian Prime Minister Laimdota Straujumaas he stated of the 173rd “one of the best American military's best.”

After parachute jumps with each of those nations a ceremony was held whereby an exchange of jump wings was made between the men representing each of the countries. So the 173rd now
have the jump wings of Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Canada.

It is stated further that roughly 600 infantry troops from the 173rd Combat Team are in Poland and the Baltic states under the first major movement of U.S. Ground Troops to Europe since
Russia's incursion into the Ukraine earlier this year.

Four companies of the 173rd is scheduled to remain with the Nato forces until the end of the year. They will be completing bilateral training with its partners and participating in multinational
European land force exercises like Saber Strike.

Because the world remains ever unstable we salute that proud bulwark of paratroopers who stand in defense of America's allies and America's interest. Once again the 173rd is the first in and lets
hope it is all resolved peacefully. Whichever the direction it goes the 173rd is standing tall.

18MAY14    B. Terry                                       2 Notices From President Terry

As the Memorial  Day Week-End is coming up we the local bikers of the Chapter are preparing for our annual journey to Washington D.C.  The ROLLING THUNDER event is always a big affair and we take pride in participating.  A news reported in the Logan, Ohio area have expressed an interest in meeting with our own Ike Mellinger for an interview. It is at his home where all the bikers converge as we begin  the journey and I suppose the news about the annual gathering has grown around the town.  After the interview with Ike the reporter just might show up on the Friday morning that we leave for some additional pictures.  Ike cannot guarantee that possibility but, regardless, we the bikers will be off and running. heading for the capital and the ROLLING THUNDER event.        

Congratulations to Sgt. Kyle White, another Herd member who just received the Medal of Honor.  Look for him perhaps Thursday or Friday night on the David Letterman Show.  He usually have the recipients on his show later that week.


30APR14    NFW                 82nd Airborne Division To Lose Famed ‘Airborne’ Status - RUMOR

OK. Enough. The 82nd has no plans of going Leg.  I just got off the phone with Capt. Douglas Raye, 82nd Division Operations Director of the PAO. He stated that the RUMOR has caused the Division SOD Chief of Staff to inquire about this spoof article that appears on a Humor Web Site called Dufflebag.com

Dufflebag.com is a satirical web site that any E-0 can join once and post.

So rest assured your beloved Airborne remains on current status and there are no plans to scrap the static lines.



23APR14    Tall Joe                 82nd Airborne Division To Lose Famed ‘Airborne’ Status - RUMOR


By Dick Scuttlebutt | April 11, 2014 FORT BRAGG, N.C. — The nation’s premier Airborne infantry division, the 82nd Airborne, will lose its hallowed airborne status in the next fiscal year, Army officials announced Thursday. Reasons for the change include the high cost of maintenance and fuel in the face of looming budget cuts, and the higher-than-average injury and fatality rate for soldiers conducting training jumps, according to a statement from U.S. Army Forces Command. “As much as it helps esprit de corps and a sense of unit pride,” said Army spokesperson Col. Mike Mulally, “It hurts in terms of readiness, injuries and the bottom line. The time spent on jumps could be used for more relevant training. We would save over $4 million a year in facility and equipment upkeep.” “And let’s not forget,” Mulally added, “The awful fatality incidents we suffer about once a year. Every time the general has to give another flag to a wife or mother whose soldiers were lost on a training jump, we have to ask ourselves: Why are we training on an insertion technique that hasn’t been relevant in over fifty years?” As expected, the announcement caused much consternation among former and current 82nd Airborne veterans. “This is a horseshit,” said 1st Lt. Jeremy Dallas, a paratrooper and former Airborne School instructor. “Back before I went to OCS, I did a combat jump with the 173rd into Bashur during the initial invasion. FORSCOM doesn’t think that airborne training is relevant? What do they think that jump was? A Hollywood?” Noting that the airfield had been secured hours earlier than the Bashur assault, Pakistani Gen. Abdul Mansour al-Islamabadi told reporters the “Americans missed their drop zone so badly that it took them fifteen hours to reassemble. And let’s not forget that the 173rd almost caused an international incident when they mistook some of our Turkish allies for Iraqis. They arrested and beat the shit out of them, even though they were wearing Turkish army uniforms. Because I guess all us brown people look alike.” “But sure, whatever, call it a combat jump, I don’t care,” he added. The 82nd Airborne Division will immediately cease all airborne training, and at the end of the 2014 fiscal year will officially cease to be an Airborne unit. It will retain the ”Airborne” designation in its unit title, but much like the 101st Division, will not be a real airborne unit any longer. The 173rd Airborne Brigade, stationed in Vicenza, Italy, will remain on Airborne status for the next fiscal year, although anonymous sources in the Pentagon confirmed that it too will soon revert to leg infantry.


*** NFW Note: Based on the author's name, this article and its information has not been verified, its just in print. Hoping its not true.



23APR14     Bill Terry                      CHAPTER 17 DONATES TO HOMELESS VETERANS    


Members of Chapter 17, yesterday the 22nd of April, I got into contact and spoke with Jessica Sheldon, Supervisor of the Homeless Veterans Program. On behalf of Chapter 17, I offered up our assistance to her program and inquired if there was any way our Chapter can be of service. She was both delighted and grateful. She asked if the Chapter would be so gracious as to help them purchase 30 tickets for an “ALL DAY RIDE” from the Columbus COTA bus company. Already set up in an apartment complex by the Homeless Veterans Program the veterans will use these tickets to go about town in job interviews. They have no other means of transportation therefore the bus tickets becomes a priceless item to them. I went to the downtown headquarters of the COTA Company and purchased the All Day Tickets at $4.50 each. At a total cost of $135, it is a small start for helping our fellow veterans who are down on their luck. This small start is something we can all feel good about because it comes from all of us, it comes from our Chapter. This is the first door to open to us whereby we can be of assistance and we hope, with financial discretion, to keep it going. Statewide, the Homeless Veterans Program services some 2000 veterans. Locally, here in Columbus, Ms. Sheldon set up some 30 interviews per month for those veterans seeking work. The bus tickets will go a long way in helping out. Chapter 17 will stay in touch with Ms. Sheldon to offer up more assistance when called on. Again guys, this is from us all. This is all of us reaching out a hand to help, and as a Chapter we can all feel good about it.




14APR14     Bill Terry                                     Latest Update on Finding a Just Cause


Speaking with an official out at the VA, Skip Turner.  Was just out there talking to him today. He and I are trying to get in touch with another official name Jessica Sheldon.  She's the head of the Homeless Veterans Organization and I'm trying to see if our Chapter can be of any kind of assistance. The majority of homeless veterans are Viet Nam veterans. Mr. Turner said if seems as though they never came home.



04APR14     Bill Terry                                     National Convention Registration Forms and Meetng follow up


A quick note, guys:  Remember to go to the Association's web page to get you application for the upcoming reunion.  I passed copies of it out at the Chapter Meeting last week as several of the guys was asking about it.  Am presently working on obtaining more information about the national effort of VFW Posts at helping the widows of veterans. Will post it for your consideration of allowing the Chapter to donate to it.



29MAR14 -  Bill Terry                                                           FIRST 2014 CHAPTER MEMBERSHIP MEETING






























Left to right:  Bill Terry, Butch Marcum, John Kyne, Ray Sutherland, Dean Logan, Dick Brinkman



Our Chapter Meeting of 2014 was held at 2:00 P.M. March 29th at VFW Post 9936 in Dayton, Ohio.


Ray Sutherland is a regular patron of the Post who happens to be a Herd veteran.  He was invited to sit in with us at our meeting. A registration form was offered to him to sign up with the Chapter. Dick Brinkman, another Herd veteran, also sit in with us and was also given a registration form to sign up.


Our own John Kyne had arranged the opportunity for us to use the Post and everything worked out to the Chapter's benefit.


Following a small bit of military history accompanied by several posters of Viet Nam photos and images of combat we got into the foremost of our agenda, which was suggestions for using our Chapter funds in support of worthy causes. Several ideas was put forth including assistance at VA hospitals and seeking out Food Banks to inquire if the Chapter can help in anyway. 


John Kyne --- with information from Vice-president Butch Marcum --- moved that under a vote

the Chapter should donate to an upcoming event sponsored by the National Office of VFW Posts. These nationally are putting into place an assistance program to supplement and support widows of veterans who are waiting to receive monetary entailments that sometimes takes months. Its use will also go into assisting and serving wounded or disabled veterans.


A vote on this was agreed to at the meeting, but it was also agreed that it was not to be final until it was first presented to all the members of the Chapter for an E-mail vote. Butch Marcum will be sending me more information on what this program is offering and I will post it for your consideration and your vote. We will be offering anywhere between $500 and $1000 to this program if agreed to by you the members. This will go into assisting a nationwide fund.


As was brought up at the meeting, if you have a change of E-mail address please inform us that we might keep up our communications. 


Post 9936 of Dayton, Ohio is a fine Post.  Whenever you are in the neighborhood drop in and pay your respects.  A slew of veterans are always there to greet you.  Airborne to all. 






24FEB14 -  Bill Terry                                                                                JIM HAYNES  - 2014 GUARDIAN OF THE FLAG RECIPIENT




Jim Haynes, the former President of Chapter 17, was presented with the American flag and its accompanied plaque which identifies its presence in Afghanistan. It had flown on the grounds of the 173rd's command post.  Presented to Chapter 17 by the 1st of the 503rd we in turn attempt every year to place it in the hands of a contributing member. Jim Haynes filled the bill this year therefore we both thank and we congratulate him.  He is this year's guardian of the flag and it could not be in better hands.  Bad weather had delayed us getting it out to him sooner.


Editor's Note: Mr. Terry felt this picture was more appropriate than the previously posted photo of "Mr. Haynes Sleeping", Conratulations and thanks.   ;-}





07FEB14 -  Bill Terry                                                                                GENERAL NEWS


Chapter 17, as it is miserably cold and as we are suffering one snow storm after another I thought to pass the time by forwarding to you this little greeting.


The National Reunion is coming up. The registration form was not in the latest magazine therefore I advise you to go to the Association's web site and obtain it from there.


As soon as the weather clears up I hope to be getting together with our Chapter's treasurer Ike Mellinger. He and I will be going over the Chapter's funds and expenses to assure that everything is in its proper place.  I hope also to announce a Chapter meeting to be held sometime in the month of March. We will post the time and place in the upcoming days. Hopefully the weather will be better by then. I do hope you can make it out to the meeting.  Bring your ideas and suggestions. We will chat about anything and everything over a refreshing beer.


Bruce Grueschow of Michigan is leading the way on this year's Wall of Honor.  He has donated $100 to the Chapter. We don't wish to make this a contest but that Wolverine of Michigan is ahead of us and we thank him for his generosity. There is a place for your name too on the Wall of Honor. Simply donate whatever you can and lets watch that Wall grow during this new year. The funds are good but lets make it better. 


The Chapter is good and lets not forget to get your registration in for the Reunion down at Fort Bragg.  


 Airborne troops and thanks again for your support.






27JAN14  - B. Terry & NFW                                                         Y13 FINANCIAL REPORT


Chapter 17 members, as this is a new year and as we have recently completed our annual funding drive drawing, I thought to give you an updated report on the Chapter's finances.


In March of this year I hope to schedule a Chapter meeting whereby the financial report will be given in more detail. Questions, answers and suggestions will be open to all at that time or any time. Simply call or e-mail if you have any questions:


Renownedtwo@Wowway.com or 614-476-3060


Item #


Amount $


Balance before Drawing Drive(minus Y13 Donations, pre-drawing)                                            



Y13 Donations to The Wall of Y14                                                 



Y13 Drawing Returns



Association rebates                                                             






The Donations are from the Wall of Honor. They include contributions of $435 from the Drawing drive in October.  But from the whole year other contributions had come in which gave us a total $1110. Therefore, during the whole 12 months the Wall of Honor delivered to the Chapter a beautiful sum

of $1110.




            CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR CHAPTER PARTY                     $ 152.73

            RAFFLE WINNER                                                                $ 300.00                     

 (Raffle winner Jim Haynes won the $500.  He donated $200 of it back to the Chapter.  This too added to the Wall of Honor.)


Total                                                                                                  $ 452.73


Unadjusted Balance as of  DEC/JAN 2014:                                  $ 6,917.27


(The bank account shows that we have over $100. MORE than what our own balance is showing. We will settle for that. Bank's balance as of December/January $7070.07)                      


As President I did not care to bother the Chapter with any other expenses therefore I paid all other expenditures out of my own pocket. The Airborne spirit compels me.


Thanks to you guys our Chapter of the good old Herd is looking financially good.  Congratulations to all and let's keep it going. 


Item #4, $1500.00 from the Association is money which has accumulated from the percentage the Chapter gets from those members paying their dues. See? Paying your dues does come back onto helping both the Chapter and the Association.


There are a few expenses to be taken from this total but it is nothing drastic. I have seen to keeping all expenses at a minimum. Thanks to you guys our Chapter of the good old Herd is looking financially sound. Congratulations to all and let's keep it going. 







The drawing for a winner was conducted at the home of Skip Kniley.  At approximately 2 or 2:15 P.M on the 16th of December Skip's daughter, Catherine (The Great), was offered the honor of drawing out a winning name.


Skip and I had stirred the pot containing the hundreds of stubs.  We had shaken it and stirred and shaken it again.  Then Catherine closed her eyes and reached in.  Skip was snapping pictures at the whole procedure.


Catherine drew out the stub and we looked at it.  We looked at it again and then once more. What?  Is this true?  Yes, the winner was none other but JIM HAYNES of Hebron, Ohio.

Jim Haynes, our former President!


Both Skip and I was surprised and delighted.  We gave a call to Jim and he was suddenly filled with laughter.  It totally delighted him and we were happy for him. In his generosity, Jim donated a $200.00 portion of the winnings back to the Chapter.


For all of you who participated we sincerely thank you.  Financially you have helped the old Bread-n-Butter to come through for us once again.  Financially, the Chapter have benefitted beautifully.  For transparency I will be giving a full report in the upcoming days to show where we stand.


Congratulations to Jim Haynes and may we all in good spirits move on to a very Merry Christmas, GO 17th Cav..


And a special thanks to Queen Catherine for closing her eyes when she drew the winner and being such a great 2nd Gen. Herd.








Pictured here is Jim Haynes sleeping peacefully the night after donating $200.00 back to CH17 from his winnings. Thanks Jim, for your generosity!!




15DEC13  -B. Terry                                                                                            A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS PARTY


Chapter 17 held its annual Christmas Party on the 14th at the VFW Post in Richmond, Indiana. Our group was small, as it has grown smaller every year.  But it was in that little circle of the

pleasant faithful that we all managed to engage in a wonderful party.  The live band was hoping with its songs and music which encouraged the wives and husbands to take to the dance floor.


Bruce Grueschow and his wife Pauline had come down from Michigan. Dean Logan and his wife Ginny had driven over from Indianapolis. Other locals was of course Butch Marcum and his wife Cindy, Clarence Carr and his girlfriend, and Tom Bell of the 82nd. Amazingly, Tom Bell won the $100. cash door prize, the second year in a row!  We have got to check into this to see what's going on with the 82nd   Tom holds a honorary members card of the 173rd.


With a pledge to the flag and a modest prayer I held a brief meeting before we got started with the party.  Each member, with their wives, received a beautiful black coffee mug that had upon it the emblem of the 173rd.  This was followed by a necklace that lights up like a Christmas tree.  We were all aglow with flashing lights.


Other raffles were offered up by the Post throughout the evening.  Not to be left out I managed to sell over $100 of our own raffle tickets as the people were seemingly eager to win that $500 for their own Christmas shopping.  (Our drawing will of course be on the 16th.)


I had also made up a poster of pictures depicting the events our Chapter had engaged in this past year:  the funeral of General Deane at West Point; the ceremony in West Virginia honoring Private Mchee who in '67 was killed in Dak To; the great motorcycle ride escorting the portable Viet Nam Wall to Lancanster, Ohio; the 4th of July efforts in rained out Richmond; the Kokomo

gathering with its camp sites and those thousands of veterans.  There was even a picture of our own Harold Dale standing in uniform at Fort Cambell and receiving yet another of his many

medals from General Michael Paulick.  (That picture goes back to 1967) And then too there was added the picture of our own John Kyne standing with his granddaughter and his father of World War 2, honoring Veterans Day in Greene County, Ohio.


Then the year was concluded with a wonderful  Christmas Party.  Because we get so few to attend I was entertaining a thought of canceling this Christmas get together. But darn if we few didn't

enjoy that evening so, what the heck, why not keep it going.



                Bill Terry, still in a very high level of Christmas Spirit, sent along these pix taken downtown at the library exhibit.




 02DEC14    - B. Terry                                                                               XMAS PARTY NOTE


Okay, folks, just spoke with our Vice-president out in Indiana. Fine food will be available at the Christmas Party and, once again, wepay for what we eat. Also, the place will be hopping with a live band. So come on out on the 14th at 7 P.M. and win your $100 cash  door prize. A gift will be available for everyone and then let's hop to the music of a sleek band. Let's simply get into the Christmas spirit and enjoy an evening with your Herd brothers.




30NOV13 -  "Tall" Joe                                                                           Veterans:    FRAUD ALERT


 For Immediate Release:  


To All Veterans:    FRAUD ALERT: 


Veterans should be aware of a marketing scam targeting callers trying to reach the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) National Call Center or GI Bill Call Center.  A marketing company has established two fraudulent numbers that differ from the two official VA call center numbers by one digit.  If the fraudulent number is dialed by mistake, the answering party will offer a gift card and try to obtain personal and financial information, including credit card information, from the caller.  The answering party may even transfer the caller to the VA after the caller’s information is obtained. Note that VA will never ask you for a credit card number or banking information over the phone. Before giving personal sensitive information over the phone make sure you know who you are taking to. The numbers to be avoided are:   800-872-1000  (the VA National Call Center number is 800-827-1000) 888-442-4511 (the VA GI Bill Call Center number is 888-442-4551)  

VA has notified law enforcement authorities to address this situation.  Please pass this information along and post on your websites.


***  Now: 2,650.00 taken in for Drawing. ***


Totals   $2,650.00 $425.00  
Name Date Ticket Donations Check
  Received Amount   Number
Skip Kniley Oct. 11th $20.00   1234
James Lutz Oct. 11th $20.00   4170
Timothy W. Brooks Oct. 12th $20.00   1693
James Gettel  Oct. 12th $20.00   242
Larry L. Ramsey Oct.12th $20.00   3405
Craig M. Stewart Oct. 12th $20.00 $5.00 1,689
Terry L. Winkhart Oct.12th $20.00   1852
James A. Schaffer Oct. 12th $20.00   936
Dewitt C. Wiley Oct. 12th $20.00   9588
David Tice Oct. 12th $20.00   6150
William Willoughby Oct.12th $20.00   6635
Charles Spencer Oct,12th $20.00   9733
Bruce Grueschow Oct.15th $20.00   2277
Joe E. Brown $20.00   1475
Cecil N. Day $20.00 $10.00 3032
Brenda Sue Shepherd $20.00   2970
Gary Davidson $20.00   1432
Ray Compton $20.00 $30.00 1758
James L. Stevens $20.00   1303
Dennis D. Dunegan $20.00   8241
G. Victor Wynne 11    $20.00   1845
Thomas E. Bivens $20.00   6251
Dennis R. Odgaard $20.00   8010
David O. Aker Oct.16th $20.00   3777
Robert Ream $20.00   1851
John Pfannenstein Oct.17th $20.00   1819
Thomas Ticherich $20.00   6419
Corbett T. Fugate $20.00   4034
Jerry Spence $20.00   586
Daniel Starrs   $20.00   1096
Ross E. Daly $20.00   391
Jack H. Fleming $20.00   5508
John E. Pacola $20.00   5669
Terry D. Blaskowski Oct.18th $20.00   6461
Francis W. Diehl $20.00 $5.00 5786
Drenda L. Brest $20.00   4417
Frederick Wessolek $20.00 5241
Jerome Marcum $20.00   861
Richard E. Whipple $20.00 $5.00 7957
John M. Kovacs Oct.19th $20.00   125
Roy A. Yenchesky $20.00   1339
John Bragiel $20.00   779
Duane Wilcox $20.00 $100.00 4713
Daniel Day Oct.21st $20.00 $5.00 2532
Dean K. Logan $20.00   2104
Anthony Bommarito $20.00   4653
Kenneth Green $20.00   1703
Rick Richards $20.00   7881
Elaine Kinsman $20.00   1312
John P. Elder $20.00   4352
Percival R. Piper $20.00   7934
Linda J. Gullo $20.00   5803
Stanly K. Leedy Oct.23rd $20.00   4061
James Smith $20.00   4440
William A. Morse Oct. 24th $20.00   5713
Marilyn Racho $20.00   2682
Joseph R. Evans $20.00   7688
Harry Moshier $20.00   10901
Larry G. Moe $20.00   8302
William Terry $20.00 $10.00 cash
Jeff Terry $20.00   cash
Marie Blackenberry $20.00   cash
Nate Terry $20.00   cash
Flo Castleman $10.00   cash
John E. Billman Oct. 25th $20.00   2564
Leslie D. Daniels $20.00   344
James E. Lake $20.00   1489
Travis Thompson Oct. 26th $20.00   2272
Patrick Hilla Oct, 29th $20.00 $5.00 10830
Clark W. Etterman $20.00   1298
James L. McAdams $20.00   1001
George J. Danilla 111 $20.00   8010
Edna/Robert Saier $20.00   580
Michael H. Matthews $20.00   2132
Robert Ceckitti Oct. 31st   $50.00 5344
Jason Ceckitti $5.00  
Isabella Ceckitti $5.00  
Tanner Miller $5.00  
Dawn Miller $5.00  
Sam Miller $5.00  
Walter Bowman $20.00   3361
Kenneth Lambertson $20.00   5773
Linda/Mark Mitchell $20.00   cash
Herman Bishop $20.00   1122
William D. Burris $20.00 $5.00 7286
Scott Risi Nov. 1st $20.00 $20.00 234
James H. Strode $20.00 $5.00 4136
Stuart W. Long $20.00   9571
Thomas Steckman Nov. 2nd $20.00   102
John/Helga Sullivan $20.00   7162
John Kyne   $20.00 $20.00 1790
Jim Haynes Nov. 4th $20.00 $5.00 1115
Donald Cornett $20.00   1638
James L. McClure $20.00   8397
Lewis T. Newman $20.00   1662
Terry Aubrey $20.00 $80.00 5598
Angel K. Kustief Nov. 5th $20.00 $30.00 1865
Clifton Timbrook $20.00 $5.00 9553
J.W. Sullivan Nov. 6th $20.00   3334
Jason Ceckitti $20.00   5347
Sharon Ceckitti $20.00  
Sam/Dawn Miuer $20.00  
Robert Runo Nov. 8th $20.00   321
Harvey Hoornstra $20.00   1090
Cynthia Carpenter Nov. 17th $20.00   cash
Dwight Stewart $20.00   cash
Pete Stewart $20.00   cash
Rose Terry $20.00   cash
Clarence Terry $20.00   cash
Edward Soyk Nov. 18th $20.00   3140
Harley Bobo Jr. Nov. 21st $20.00   263
Leo K. Bocko $20.00   3012
Donald Anderson Sr. $20.00   421
John/Cathy Cruse Nov. 26th $20.00 $20.00 3432
William Butler Nov. 30th $20.00 $5.00 1356
Craig Long Dec. 2nd $20.00   1412
R. R. Dick Dec 5th $20.00 $5.00 8966
Tommy Lloyd Dec. 6th $20.00   7098
Jerry Lee Mellinger Dec. 10th $5.00   6367
Matthew Mellinger " $5.00   "
Tyler Mellinger " $5.00   "
Lynda Mellinger " $5.00   "
Christopher Mellinger " $5.00   "
Roy Scott " $20.00   7599
William Palmer " $100.00   2298
Frank Jenkins " $20.00   6088
Lawrence Paladino Dec. 12th $20.00   3163
Richard E. Whipple Dec. 13th $5.00   7977
Skip Davidson " $5.00   "
Frank Birkovich " $5.00   "
Dennis Waling " $5.00   "
Al Doney " $20.00 $10.00 "
Dough Fox " $20.00   "
Al Sneath " $5.00   "
Chuck Bilyk " $5.00   "
John Kruezol " $5.00   "
Virgil Ducmanas Dec. 14th $20.00   3442
Randy Rust Dec. 15th $20.00   cash
Monty Grant " $20.00   "
Larry Miller " $20.00   "
Thomas Owens " $20.00   "
Doug Mathena " $15.00   "
Wanda Mathena " $10.00   "
Debra Henry " $5.00   "
Ron Weadick " $5.00   "
Daniel Gaway " $5.00   "
John Renfro " $5.00   "