Chapter XVII


"Herd Vets On Stage"


Click on pictures to enlarge to a 6" tall photo


CAMBRIA COUNTY WAR MEMORIAL - Johnstown, PA - 03.21.07

Irv Marriott

Big Kenny & Big Duane

Duane Marriott



McSorley & Vose with Babes

McSorley, Bill Vose, Jim Bradley w/ BNR


AT&T CENTER - San Antonio, TX - 02.03.07


RIO RANCHO EVENTS CENTER- Rio Rancho, NM -  11.30.06


ARIZONA STATE FAIR - Phoenix, AZ -  10.29.06

Skip Moorehouse


    ARIZONA STATE FAIR - Phoenix, AZ -  10.28.06

Ned Costa and Phil Johnson


GEORGIA NATIONAL FAIR - Perry, GA -  10.14.06


DAY OF HONOR CONCERT - Atlanta, GA -  10.07.06

CH 17 Color Guard: Bob, Jim, Mark and Roy

Meet & Greet


VIRGINIA STATE FAIR- Richmond, VA -   10.06.06

Vernon, Butch & Jerry

Shawn Pennington & the Herd

Big & Rich with the Herd wives

Da Herd

Big & Rich hook up with the guys

Jim & Vernon Dale

Jim Hypes w/ Herd backstage

Entering the stage

On stage with the Herd Colors

Butch & Dennis

Butch & Linda

Jerry "the Man" and Lisa Hypes

Tom Rule

Vernon Dale Short and wife Sandi

Donated by Jerry Hypes


MOHEGAN SUN ARENA - Uncasville, CT -  10.05.06

Shawn P. greets NE Herd

Jimmy Morey, Fred Lewis, John O'Dea, Elton Ricker and Dennis Hill.

Leo Agnew & wife w/performers

Leo Agnew with wives and performers

Thanks to Elton Ricker's son for the photo's

Two-Foot Fred

Name this country She-star

Jimmy Morey, Fred Lewis, John O'Dea, Elton Ricker and Dennis Hill.

Thanks to Elton Ricker's son for the photo's



Crazy George...luv ya


Buffalo Run Casino - Miami, Oklahoma - 09.28.06

(L-R) Clarence Johnson, Tomas Cook, Bob McCarty, Dr. Robert Hopper, Jim Gowen


Cincinnati Air Show - Blue Ash Airport, OH -  9.16-17.06

Ch17 Color guard hard at work representing the 173d and respect for our troops

Roy Scott, Bill Terry and Bob Ceckitti in view, Al Grove behind Bob.

Dressed right dress and coverd down

Good shot of Al Grove with the guard

Sgt. Major Tribbey...Most Decorated Soldier

Great photo work by Sharon Ceckitti.



Meadowbrook Musical Arts Center - Gilford, NH  -  9.15.06


ALLEGAN COUNTY FAIR - Allegan, MI  -   9.12.06



HONDA/OSU SHOW - Columbus, OH  -   9.09.06

Miechelle Willis: Cowboy Troy groupie and Official show photographer

Back drop before "the song"

Big Kenny

Steve made me do it

Chapter 17 319th Color Guard - Skip Kniley

This gave me courage: from the Bar-O-Love

Great shot from the media pit

Thanks Biggie Shortie

T-Roy zooming in on the Photographer Willis

Cowboy getting excited about the Ch17 media-person


CALVERT MARINE MUSEUM, Solomons, MD  -   8.29.06


ALLEN COUNTY FAIR, Lima, OH  08.26.06

Steve with the Hat

Bus to Allen County

Scott & Sheryl Risi

Dabe Carmon & All Grove

Mike & Joann McBride


Spence and John

Bill & Carl Robbins w/polite daughter

Sam Mingle, Bill & Connie

Mo & Sam Mingle

Anna and Jose with Bat Dance

Miechelle and Skip - self portrait

Steve S. with the boyz


Stage Walk-thru

Meet & Greet

William "Bill" Terry

Dave and Mark

Cowboy Troy

Big Kenny w/ Spence's hat

Jim and John

Roy Scott and Ray Mangus

Roy and Jessica Scott

Jim and Dave

Sharon: Cops Gone Wild

2 Foot Fred, Shawn and Steve

Guard assembles at night

Mark Mitchisan Mitchell

5 minutes, standby


the lonely man

Niles drops in again

Niles and Bob Ceckitti

Niles, John, Roy and Ray

Niles and Roy

Niles and Guard

John, Niles and Roy's folks.

Niles and Mark

Bob, Roy and Skip

The Three what??

Kenny and Troy

Chapter 17 scores again

Cowboy Troy w/ Risi and Ceckitti

Jim, Kenny and Bob

Kenny promises to pay Scott back

Ray Mangus and Big Kenny

Big Kenny with Spence's hat

Scott, Kenny, Jim with Spence's hat

"Big Kenny's head is too big"

Skip trying to record the moment

Shoot'n the Sh** w/Big Kenny

Dress rehearsal

Ray and Roy

Sgt Scott

Sgt Scott w/General Scott

Enter stage right: Chapter 17 color guard

Pledge of Allegiance


Niles - Scott Risi- John Schulte

Backstage: Niles on left

Skip & Niles on end

Cowboy Troy and Miechelle


ILLINOIS STATE FAIR, Springfield, IL - 8.18.06


INDIANA STATE FAIR, Indianapolis, IN  -   8.15.06

Mark - Ken - Roy


Two-Foot Fred and Roy

B&R Trailers

Chapter 17 on stage again

Ken Lambertson

Thanks to Amy Lambertson for the photos



WALTON ART CENTER, Fayetteville, AR  -   8.14.06

James Baily with VFW Post Honor Guard

Dry run on stage

Great job James Bailey, Richard Cox and Tom Burrow(?)

Picture perfect


STATE FAIR OF WEST VIRGINIA, Fairlea, WV  -   8.12.06

Ch 17 Color Guard on stage at practice

Roy Scott....what was the question?

Ch17 All dressed

Live Color Guard

Welcome Home!

This picture was not taken in the 60's



JACKSON COUNTY FAIR SHOW,   Jackson, MI  -   8.11.06

Rich and Rocky

Scott making Big Kenny itchy

Still doing it to Big Kenny

Rocky's family

Troy, John Rich and two-Foot Fred

Ski gives Big Ken a piece of the rock

Colors on stage

Scott w/ US flag

Carl, hard at work

Hand salutes

Thanks from Big Kenny



CASINO RAMA ENT. CENTRE, Ontario, CAN -  8.09.06

Cliff White's private concert



PROMO-WEST SHOW,   Columbus, OH  -   7.21.06

Bill in the heat

Wore his uniform the longest

John w/ Rachel of PromoWest

Bill John and Rene

Herd private seating section

Skip & Miechelle

WV Lovebirds

Roy w/ new lifetime member Bob Ceckitti

Skip and Miechelle

Joel McDaurgh

Jim and Anna

Looking over the Ch17 Banner

Tim Culbertson

Dutch McDaurgh with guest and brother Joel

Joe and Rene

Harold Dale..."Present...Arms!!"

Bob & Sharon Ceckitti

More Dale

Now, comes Chapter 17 Color Guard w/Skip, Mark, John, Roy, Bill and Jim.

Color Guard


Roy and Bob ... RobRoy

Dave Carmon with Jim having the time of his life

Sharon, team photographer

Miechelle & Skip withTee shirt cache



Returning after the stage

One happy John and Bill posing for their CD cover

In the groove

Ch17 Color Guard - Almost famous

Big Kenny and Chapter 17 Color Guard

Big Kenny with Dora and Sharon

Skip presents Chapter 17 coin to Big Kenny

Jim pins big Kenny


Roy Scott contemplating his nomination.

Jim loses Anna

Dave and Bill before stage time

Kenny & Dale

Kenny thanking Roy

Kenny: "I want to meet Mark"

Jim Haynes w/Big Kenny

Skip's turn, Mark in background

John & Big

Tim & Big Kenny

Shot of the day

Mark Mitchell blowing in Kenny's ear

Mark Mitchell w/Big Kenny and Haynes

Bill Terry, Mark Mitchell & Roy Scott