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Last Call At Pop-A-Top Xmas Party


'04 Chapter Membership Meeting




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Members gather for the annual meeting in Celina

President Haynes calls meeting to order

Table is set for POW*MIA's

Some issues serious...

...Other issuses NOT so serious

Meeting closed....Say cheese!

Joyce Kyne brightening a darkly lit bar

Spence sporting his "new" hair

The Spread

Marines and Herd

Ike and W. Terry

Anna Haynes conducting meeting of Herd Blondes

Scott Risi: "They'er called Delta Charlies"

Spence is presented with artwork signed by all

Spencer after his Jamaican trip

Santa visits with presents and a tall, leggy elf

Santa telling tales about Dak To

Mark "The Man" Jackson looking at his last night of business.

Bill Wyatt and Skip received this year's certificates of appreciation.

Guess who?

Reluctant romance....or just plain Herd buds?

Mark & Dee: "Seriously speaking...."

Last Call/Flag Folding at Pop-A-Tops

Scott Risi presents flag to Mark Jackson. Pop-A-Top is officially closed.

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