"Welcome Home To All"

173D Airborne Brigade (SEP)

A very special thanks and sincere note of appreciation to Chris Noble and One World Hosting of  Worthington, OH for their generous donation of time and space in support of  this web site for another year.

 It’s not everyday that a man has the occasion to “Welcome Home” so many great Warriors. I’m proud that this site is giving me and Chapter 17 the opportunity to do so.

This site, like the Chapter, is about you, about us. It is here for our families, friends and anyone else curious to learn or interested in being part of it.  I hope our visitors will find something from this site that will make them want to come back.

One final point about this site I’d like to share. A number of years ago, I heard some folks in a conversation about life and times during the 1960’s. They were using the phrase: “If you were there, you probably wouldn’t remember it”. Well, I can imagine where that statement originates but I am here to say that this site honors one group that was “there”, in the 60”s, and we remember it all and more…nothing will ever be forgotten. For those of us who didn’t see the 80’s, they will always be remembered. This site is a tribute to them as well.

Again, “Welcome Home”… brothers, families and friends.


   William Terry -President

   PO Box 24852

   Columbus, Ohio 43224

   Chapter XVII, 173D Airborne Brigade (SEP)  

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